Win Their Heart With These Top Destinations!

published on January 27, 2014 by

February begins to roll around and the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day present is on! Even with great intentions, how many of us fall back on the tired standbys of chocolate, flowers and a night out?  As much as everyone might love chocolate, we know you can do better! This Valentine’s Day, treat your significant other to something they really want – how about a week away in one of the romantic destinations in the country? We’ve put together a little list of our favorite romantic getaways that has something perfect for every couple!


There’s just something about Maui… it’s in the States, but still carries the spirit of an exotic paradise. Maui also boasts some super-luxxe resorts that are swoon-worthy, and is very tourist-friendly and welcoming for new visitors. Maui epitomizes the sun-soaked, easy-going vibe travelers expect from Hawaii and the adventurous couple has plenty to experience – exploring exotic jungles, hiking around volcanoes or learning to surf. Of course, if you’re after a more relaxed experience, Maui has still got you covered. Beach lounging is a perennial favorite of many a Hawaiian visitor, and the island is home to quite a few award-winning spas to leave you and your lover feeling utterly pampered.


Perhaps a beachside vacation just isn’t your thing… are you the type who perks up at the mention of snuggling on ski lifts and sharing hot cocoa in the lodge? Perhaps Vail is the perfect choice for you! There’s something about the chilly weather and forested mountains that inspires romance, and while skiing is naturally the highlight of a Vail getaway, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied. Hiking and equestrian trails offer some uncontested views of one of Colorado’s most breathtaking regions, or enjoy an afternoon together strolling through Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. The Gerald Ford Amphitheater is one of America’s premiere outdoor venues, and catching one of the varied performances here is the perfect conclusion to a Vail day spent together.

Key West

Key West is defined by its laid-back oceanside attitude, making it a blissful retreat for couples who just want to relax. Between days lounging on the beach and nights out dining at quirky, local retreats, Key West might be one of the least demanding getaways ever. But should you find a day to peel yourself away from the ocean, there’s plenty to do in this one-of-a-kind community: the Key West aquarium, shopping in Mallory Square or enjoying the bars of Duval Street are just some of the local pastimes. 

Cape Cod

Cape Cod embodies the spirit of the Northeast, and is ideal for the traveling couple who seek a quaint and quiet ambiance but with plenty of opportunity for fun. Cape Cod’s main attractions are of a decidedly nautical nature – lighthouse touring, whale watching and seaside dining as well as mainstays such as boating, charter fishing and kicking back on the beach. For an extra romantic night, how about a waterfront, seafood dinner at the Black Cat Tavern, followed by a starlight cruise with a Catboat cruise at Hyannis Port!

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is all about the splendor of nature, where every view is a breathtaking one. While it might not be the best vacation spot for the average couple, adventurous pairs will not be left disappointed. Regardless of whether you’re going away for Valentine’s Day or planning a summer trip as a gift, Lake Tahoe is packed with seasonal wonders. Winter visitors will have access to Lake Tahoe’s best skiing and snowboarding opportunities, while summer visitors can enjoy swimming and sailing on the lake. With gorgeous mountain trails and thick, evergreen forests, hiking and biking can be enjoyed almost all year long. Lake Tahoe also boasts over 300 clear days a year, so you can count on some stargazing together after a day of adventuring.