Celebrate Spring in the Pacific Northwest!

published on March 31, 2014 by

The Pacific Northwest is an oft-overlooked vacation destination. While winter buffets the coasts of Washington, Northern California and British Columbia with snow, sleet and freezing rain, spring brings a softer side to the Northwest. For vacationers seeking adventure and something a little wilder than a run-of-the-mill vacation, a spring trip to the Northwest might be a perfect choice!

British Columbia

Despite what one might be inclined to think, Canada’s British Columbia can make for a brilliant vacation getaway. Surprisingly, British Columbia’s coastal region boasts a temperate climate that transitions well into “shorts weather” by May, despite its northern latitude. Inland temperatures can run a little chillier through earlier spring but eventually falls into line with the more temperate coasts. Meanwhile, the snow-covered slopes in the Whistler area are consistently cool and allow for some fantastic skiing opportunities.

The Vancouver skyline cuts an impressive picture.

It’s this diversity that makes British Columbia such a gem among adventurous travelers; there’s few destinations where you can ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon. Vancouver allows for plenty of water and land based adventure as well as all the luxury of vacationing in a big city. Victoria – the capitol of British Columbia – is the cultural epicenter of the province and boasts an array of museums, historical buildings and cultural centers to explore, as well as those famous flower gardens! Whistler’s main slopes are wrapping up ski season around late April, but Blackcomb Mountain stays open until mid-May and glacial skiing opens up during the transition into summer. Hiking, gondola rides and bear viewing tours are also a few off-season draws to be found in Whistler.


Washington is the home of RedWeek, and so it’s exciting for us to delve into the unique vacation experiences the Evergreen State has to offer. Although Washington carries with it a reputation for cold and rainy days on end, things begin to warm up to a mild 60 degrees in April. Much of Washington’s allure lies in its sheer beauty – snow-capped mountains, lush forests and the breathtaking Pacific coast. In this spirit, many of Washington’s attractions involve the great outdoors, but there’s plenty of more tame activities as well.
The Olympic National Forest is nothing short of breathtaking.

The Olympic Peninsula is undoubtedly one of Washington’s most gorgeous retreats. Hikers and nature enthusiasts are sure to elated with the Olympic National Forest and the plethora of activities within. If the ocean is more your scene, the Olympic Peninsula houses a multitude of marinas where you can sail and fish, as well as beaches suited for surfing and kayaking. For the more city-bound vacationer, Seattle might be your destination of choice. Seattle has a peculiar quirkiness that makes exploring the city a blast. On the hunt for the best attractions? Check out the acclaimed Space Needle and get some shopping done at Pike Place Market!

Northern California

When we think of vacationing in California, it’s most often the sun-soaked beaches of SoCal that come to mind. However, Northern California has a spirit all its own and is one of the most diverse vacation destinations imaginable in the Pacific Northwest. Beaches reminiscent of the southern half of the state line the coast, while the stunning Sierra Nevada mountains rise in the east. Of course, the spring weather is what we expect from California – enviously warm!
The iconic Golden Gate Bridge beckons visitors into San Francisco.
One of the premiere draws to Northern California is the pinnacle of wine country – Napa Valley. Those looking for luxurious vacation will be hard-pressed to find anything more captivating in the region. Wine tours and wine tastings at premier vineyards and wineries are the prime draw, and the experience is only enhanced with fine dining options and local spas. For a truly iconic trip, perhaps San Francisco is the choice for you. With high energy and a focus on culture and variety, San Francisco encompasses everything a city vacation should be.