Top 5 Places to Ride a Bike

published on April 18, 2014 by

Sometimes the best way to explore a city, especially with kids, is by bike. The following cities are known to have intricate cycling paths for those who want to discover cities by bike. On your next timeshare rental go ahead and rent a bike and cycle through town with your family.

1. Portland, OR: Portland is well-connected by pathways for cyclists. The city offers on and off road trails, designated street lanes, and a healthy local bike culture. The beautiful riverfront path offers gorgeous water views. Hop on at Waterfront Park (pictured) via the Steel Bridge and enjoy a quick 3-mile loop. Insider tip: Kids love to splash at the Salmon Street Springs Fountain in Waterfront Park too.

2. Boulder, CO: Boulder offers dedicated bikeways, designated street lanes and in-depth local bike maps as cycling is core to their transportation system. The city features more than 300 miles of bikeways for getting around town including parks dedicated to bikes.

3. Davis, CA: For a smaller city, Davis offers over 100 miles of bike lanes and bike paths. Davis is so passionate about cycling they boast more bikes than cars. Several tunnels through town offer quick cruising. And kids in the area ride their bikes to school on a daily basis (since the city voted, no more school buses).

4. Hilton Head, S.C.: There are 12 miles of beach-side trails in Hilton Head speckled with snack stands for those who get hungry along the way. Families ride their wide-wheeled beach cruisers right on the beach too. A big hit with locals is Singleton Beach as the adjacent playground is fun for kids and offers great bike riding as well.

5. New York City, NY: Yes, families ride their bikes in New York City. They head to Hudson River Park where miles of bike paths are dotted with playgrounds, art installations, and grassy knolls. Local families also cycle the two miles from West 12th to Battery Park City to see sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. And bike rides across the Brooklyn Bridge are fun too. 

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Photo: Cycling Portland