Picking the Perfect Hawaiian Island

published on June 30, 2014 by

When the average traveler thinks of Hawaii, sandy beaches, palm trees and warm ocean water might spring to mind. While Hawaii is most certainly a tropical paradise, it’s so much more than just pretty beaches – six islands packed with their own personality up Hawaii. Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii (or “Big”!)  Island all have their own charm and local attractions that set them apart from one another. Which island is perfect pick for your tropical getaway? Read on!


Kauai lies perched at the top of Hawaiian island chain, slightly set apart from other islands. Renowned for a fierce and natural beauty, Kauai has a distinctly adventurous vibe to it – Napali Coast is marked by majestic sea cliffs, while a glimpse of Waimea Canyon (or the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”) will take your breath away. Souls who flourish when immersed in the beauty of nature will feel at home among the wild, dramatic atmosphere of Kauai.


Home to the state capitol of Honolulu, Oahu is very much the cultural heart of Hawaii. Those who prefer more urban experiences will find no shortage of unique, authentic dining and shopping experiences. If culture is what you’re after, check out the Chinatown Art Walk in Honolulu, or the historic Iolani Palace. Oahu is also nothing short of a surfer’s paradise – catch lessons on Waikiki Beach or tackle the biggest waves at North Shore. Oahu is fantastic for families with diverse interests who might prefer the big-city comfort.


Of all the Hawaiian islands, Molokai has stayed truest to its roots – the island spirit is thick in the air. Kaunakakai is a small harbor town off the southern coasts where fisherman and farmers showcase their hauls. Halawa Valley is an ancient Polynesian site of worship ringed with majestic waterfalls and lush groves, making it the perfect retreat when you’re in need of some tranquility. If you’re seeking escape back to a quieter, more peaceful time, Molokai is the perfect island for you!


Entirely devoid of traffic lights and lacking the crowds of the other Hawaiian islands, Lanai is all about quiet luxury and romance. Keahiakawelo – known as the Garden of the Gods – allows for an utterly surreal hiking experience, while sunset at Hulopoe Bay (one of America’s best beaches!) is one of the most romantic experiences that Hawaii can offer. Couples seeking a romantic retreat will find no better option than Lanai.


While Maui might be known as the “Valley Island”, most vacationers know it by its shimmering beaches. Indeed, Maui calls itself home to over thirty miles of beaches and some prime spots for windsurfing, beachcombing, surfing and snorkeling. In the winter, Maui boasts some of the best whale watching opportunities in Lahaina. For breathtaking island scenery, consider driving the winding road to the remote town of Hana. If you’re looking for classic island scenery and beachside fun, Maui is where you’ll want to be!

Hawaii Island

More commonly known as the “Big Island”, Hawaii Island is the southernmost in the chain and is larger than the other five combined! Hawaii Island makes good use of its space with every sort of scenery from snow-capped mountains to rain forests. If you’ve always had an itch to explore a volcano, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers you the opportunity. The calm and clear waters of Kona offer a more tranquil experience and are ideal for snorkeling and dolphin watching. For a taste of everything Hawaii has to offer, look into vacationing on Big Island!
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