Enjoy New England’s Fall Foliage at Its Best!

published on September 1, 2014 by

It’s Labor Day, and as we bid summer a bittersweet goodbye, our minds turn toward autumn. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up these darker, cooler months, look no further than our own Northeast; New England has long been regarded as the absolute pinnacle when it comes to gorgeous fall foliage. Every year, countless tourists flock to the northeast to watch the leaves change from green to blazing autumn shades. If you’re eying New England for your fall retreat, stay ahead of the game with our guide to experience the most brilliant leaves.

As locals can attest, Mother Nature is fickle and when the leaves change can be very unpredictable, making it hard to pin down “ideal” dates. Typically, the trees in the northernmost states will turn first – Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire will begin to change first typically from the last week of September into the first few weeks of October. Mid-to-late October is ideal for the states of Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut, later in the month corresponding to how far south you plan to scout.

The leaves are entirely at the mercy of local weather conditions – cold fronts and rain can speed up the turn. Storms can rip the leaves from the trees before peak, and tropical storms/hurricanes are known to buffet the northern Atlantic coast throughout the autumn months. Additionally, foliage conditions differ with the terrain – the leaves lining the highways will differ from those located near bodies of water or in the mountains. It’s best to plan to experience a variety of locations.

Even if scouting the foliage is your primary motivation for planning a New England trip, be prepared just in case nature turns against you. While the leaves are gorgeous, there’s plenty more in the region to keep the entire family entertained. Outdoor activities such as hiking and biking are just winding down, and autumnal novelties like apple picking, hay rides and savoring hot cider as always classic.

Finally, it helps to keep up to date with patterns. Websites such as weather.com keep up-to-date reports on peaking foliage for aspiring viewers. This guidance will allow to plan where to visit and anticipate change in the location where you’re staying. Speaking of accommodations, be sure to reserve your stay early. If you do fall a bit late in planning, you can occasionally snag some pretty prices on timeshare rental weeks with RedWeek!

Are you planning a trip to New England in the coming months, or do you perhaps have a favorite spot for catching sight of some gorgeous leaves? Let us know below!