Capture Your Trip’s Every Moment With These Ten Photography Tips!

published on November 10, 2014 by

When we travel, our cameras are invariably at our sides. Whether we’re rocking the newest DSLR camera or just a smartphone camera, we all want to capture every memorable moment of our vacation. These ten photography tips will help you manage your equipment, setting and subjects in pursuit of that perfect shot!

  1. No matter where you’re traveling, cameras – especially the more technical, expensive models – and their owners are prime targets for thieves. If you’re traveling with a pricy camera model or accessories (think lenses, tripods and battery packs), consider packing your gear in a plain or even ratty-looking backpack as opposed to a fancier camera bag – you’re far less likely to catch the eye of thieves!
  2. It’s very easy to underestimate just how photos many you’ll return home with. If you’re guilty of going a little overboard snapping pictures, travel with a portable hard drive and card adapter.  You don’t want to get stuck with a full memory card and no way to preserve all the photos you’ve taken!
  3. When photographing family and friends, you’ll want to strike a good balance between the subject and environment (unless you’re specifically aiming for portraits!). You want your subject to be clear and recognizable, but you also want to show off the background or landscape.
  4. Shoot candids when you can! Posed pictures can look nice, but they rarely show off the true spirit of your vacation – shoot when no one is aware to capture emotion.
  5. If you’re flying to your destination, transfer any essentials to your camera bag and bring that along as your carry-on. Baggage handlers can be notoriously rough, which doesn’t bode well for the delicate structure of cameras and lenses. If possible, you’ll also want to tuck your camera bag safely under the seat instead of sliding freely around in the overhead compartments.
  6. If you haven’t already, invest in a lightweight, sturdy and foldable tripod. You don’t need to lug it around all the time, but it will make landing those stable shots in low-light or difficult conditions much easier!
  7. Deviate from eye-level shots and try photographing your subjects from different angles. Shooting a bit above or below eye level will lend an all-new attitude to your shot.
  8. We all love sunset photos, but for a truly striking shot, shoot with trees, buildings or a person in silhouette – the contrast creates for a much more intense picture!
  9. Try photographing in the rule of thirds, setting your subject along imaginary lines dividing the image into vertical and horizontal thirds. This creates a naturally pleasing and dynamic image and, best of all, most cameras have an overlay function that allows these third lines to be superimposed over your composition when looking through the lens.
  10. Use your flash carefully. Flash can be great for capturing a brief moment in low light, but it does produce very “flat” or washed-out photos. As an alternative, try increasing ambient lighting, opening your lens aperture or reducing shutter speed. These techniques will create a more full and “natural” image.

Do you have any tried and true photography tricks that you employ on vacation? Let us know below!