Travel Apps You Never Knew You Needed

published on November 17, 2014 by

Whether we like it or not, many of us tend to rely on our smartphones for day to day use. Travel is no exception, and our phones see a lot of use when we’re far from home. Flight times, maps, packing lists… Smartphones make everything a bit more streamlined, and there’s quite a number of apps out there targeted towards inpiduals who travel. Which ones should you download before your next vacation?

Orbitz Flights, Hotels, Cars

Orbitz’s app compiles the best travels and makes it easy to book them. Even if most us prefer timeshare accommodations to standard “hotel” lodging, the option to look into affordable hotel availability can be a lifesaver in some cases. And of course, a reliable source of comparing flight and car rentals is always appreciated! Best of all, Orbitz offers a price guarantee if another user books the same as you for a lower price.

Available for: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire


How often have you been stuck in an airport reading the same old newspaper or wandering the gate aimlessly? GateGuru helps find better ways to occupy you, and clues you into the secrets of whichever airport you’re in. Did you know the San Francisco International Airport houses a yoga room where you can stretch and unwind? GateGuru is packed with plenty of secrets just like this!

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

City Guides, Offline Maps

Sure the name might be a little jarring, but this app created by those at offers two distinct functions. First, there’s plenty of plenty of maps built into the app, all of them offline which is perfect for those moments you find yourself without cell coverage or wifi. You can also create loose itineraries of what you want to do, where you want to eat and what you want to see. If you already use, you can import your itineraries right over to your phone as well.

Available for: iOS, Android


Gogobot is one of the best ways to pull up things to do while on the go. Whether you consider yourself an outdoorsy type or a shopping addict, Gogobot recommends activities suited to what “type” of traveller you are. These activities can be then be collected into an itinerary to save for later. If you’re already out and about, Gogobot can locate nearby points of interest in the area for new opportunities to experience.

Available for: iOS, Android


Most of us are looking to save money, and Viator is perfectly designed to help out. The app pulls up discounts and deals either nearby or in your destination of choice. The amount of discounts as well as the quality varies quite a bit, but it’s still definitely worth checking out before setting off and committing to standard prices.

Available for: iOS, Android

Packing Pro

If you ever find yourself double and triple-checking to make sure everything you need is packed, Packing Pro is the app for you. You can create your own lists of things to pack, or use one of Packing Pro’s built-in list options to guide you. If that wasn’t enough, Packing Pro also has some general reminders that are easy to overlook set up – water the plants and double-check your reservations!

Available for: iOS


TripIt is an incredibly handy app for travelers. Instead of frantically combing through your email for whichever reservation you might need, let TripIt take care of it! The app searches your email automatically and pulls out travel information, including confirmations numbers for flights, hotel bookings, rental car confirmations and even restaurant reservations. If you ever find yourself the slightest bit disorganized, TripIt deserves a download!

Available for: iOS, Android

As smartphones continue to grow and evolve as integral parts of our life, no doubt we’ll see more travel-oriented apps pop up. What apps are you “go-to” when hitting the road?