Seven Gift Ideas for the Travelers in Your Life

published on December 1, 2014 by

Every year, it feels like the holiday season creeps a bit closer without us even realizing it! For most of us, there’s still plenty of gift shopping to get squared away. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect present for the travelers in your life, let us recommend these seven ideas…

1. Noise-canceling headphones

The noises of travel can get pretty stressful very quickly. Between roaring engines, bumpy roads and – of course – noisy seatmates. On trips like these, the absolute silence granted by noise-canceling headphones can be a blissful reprieve, and zoning out to their favorite music can make the long trip a bit more bearable.

2. Headrest Pillow

Be it by plane, train or car, traveling isn’t always the most comfortable endeavor. A simple headrest pillow can help its recipient stay a little more comfortable. There’s a handful of options out there – inflatable headrests that can easily be deflated and stored away to take up very little room or fully plush pillows that encircle the back of the neck and provide ultimate comfort.

3. E-reader or tablet

While not just intended for traveling, the benefits of e-readers and tablets for those always on the go cannot be overstated. E-readers are slim and low-profile, and much easier to pack than bulky, heavy books. Tablets are also remarkably easy to take on the go and can oftentimes altogether replace a laptop or computer for most individuals.

4. Dining gift card

Most of us finding ourselves eating out quite a bit more than normal when on vacation or traveling. Help pare down the a bill a bit with a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Many gift cards to chain restaurants can be purchased in major stores like Target or Walmart. If your recipient prefers to explore local fare on their own when traveling, consider giving a gift card.

5. International plug converter

While the United States and Canada use 110 volt electricity, most countries beyond North America use 220 volt electricity. If your recipient is traveling abroad, a plug converter is perhaps one of the most practical and useful gifts you can give – it’s a necessity to use any electronics or electrical appliances from home!

6. Self-filtering water bottle

Quickly becoming more mainstream, these standard reusable water bottles are also outfitted with a filter that processes and cleans the water before it goes into your mouth. Whether they prefer the crisper taste of filtered water or are concerned about health risks with international, unfiltered tap water, a filtered water bottle is convenient and more affordable than buying bottled water at every turn.

7. A timeshare rental

Travel can be a great gift in and of itself! Since many timeshare rentals are just a fraction of the cost compared against direct resort rates, they’re often more affordable than you’d think. When working with the owner, just mention that you’re purchasing the rental as a gift – most owners are more than willing to go ahead and accommodate the request and put the reservation in the recipient’s name.