Book a Timeshare for Family Thanksgiving – Top 10 Perks

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Perhaps you’ve been thinking about booking a timeshare for your Thanksgiving holiday, but you’re not quite sure if it would be the best option for your family. Here are ten perks of timeshare rentals to consider as you prepare for turkey day!

1. No one is in charge of hosting.

Dinner Host

The simple fact that no one has to open their home to extended relatives and multitudes of children is a big perk. Although some may genuinely love hosting large parties, many families agree that hosting can often incur unnecessary stress during the holidays. Book a rental to ensure that everyone will get to relax like a guest.

2. Save money by pooling funds together for a larger rental.

Pool Funds for a Group Vacation

Don’t just put your heads together while planning for a family Thanksgiving, put your wallets together too! Find a multi-room rental to bring the whole family together this year. The combined living space will foster a sense of togetherness for the holiday spirit, while providing enough space to let everyone relax in their comfy pants.

3. Avoid travel fees by driving instead of flying.

Road Trip

With hundreds of timeshare rentals in the U.S., avoid costly flights by choosing a destination closer to home. Recent studies have shown that families are opting for shorter vacations to closer destinations in the name of convenience and saving time. This can also be a great opportunity to enjoy a good old-fashioned family road trip with a scenic drive!

4. Enjoy full kitchens and more amenities than hotels.

Rentals with Full Kitchens

Just because the whole family is traveling, doesn’t mean you have to forgo the traditional Thanksgiving dinner! With full kitchens, plenty of cooking space, large dining areas, multiple bedrooms, extra bathrooms, in-unit washer and dryers, and even outdoor decks with hot tubs; you won’t have to sacrifice a single luxury of home!

5. Timeshares offer more availability and choices for travelers.

Timeshare travel choices

Timeshare rentals continue to offer more choices for vacation shoppers than other traditional booking resources. Opt for the flexibility of a timeshare and enjoy a wide variety of resort options all around the globe!

6. Access to both luxury resorts and unique locations.

Luxury Timeshare Resort

Whether you have your heart set on a luxurious beach resort or a cozy mountain lodge, you will find the perfect rental for your trip. Seek out unique locations and new experiences to add adventure to your Thanksgiving trip. Browse our favorite Thanksgiving Vacation Destinations for this 2019 season!

7. Explore and get adventurous with closer proximity to outdoor recreation.

Canada Mountains

With greater availability and many unique locations to choose from, find a destination with access to the great outdoors. Many ski resorts throughout the country open Thanksgiving weekend! Colorado has an abundance of opportunities for family ski vacations, and is within traveling distance for many stateside families. 

8. Take advantage of kid-friendly and pet-friendly options.

Kid-friendly and pet-friendly vacation rentals

With plenty of kid-friendly and pet-friendly rentals, there is no reason that you can’t bring the whole family along this Thanksgiving!

9. Spacious rentals with room for the whole family.

Relaxing Vacation Rentals

Many rentals offer abundant space for family members to hang out together and enjoy each other’s company. You won’t feel cramped like in a hotel room. The extra space will enable the family to relax around the hearth just like they would at home.

10. Enjoy owner-direct pricing and reliable customer support.

Owner-direct pricing

When you choose to book through a timeshare community, you take advantage of owner-direct pricing and a dedicated customer support team. Here at RedWeek, we are dedicated to being the most trusted online timeshare community and giving you access to the best resort accommodations at affordable by-owner prices.

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