What is that ARDA-ROC Charge Doing on Your Maintenance Fee Bill?

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As a timeshare owner, you may have noticed a line item on your Maintenance fee bill for ARDA-ROC. What is this fee and what exactly are you paying for?

ARDA-ROC is a coalition of 1.6 million-plus timeshare owners across the country. As such, these owners choose to make a voluntary financial contribution to ARDA-ROC each year. Contributions range from $3 to $10 per year. Because not all resorts have this fee, it’s not mandatory and owners can opt out. However, it does help with issues that are beneficial to timeshare owners and the industry as a whole.

What ARDA-ROC Offers

ARDA-ROC certainly views itself as the first line of defense against legislation that may negatively impact timeshare owners and their well-being. The money ARDA-ROC receives from owner contributions, helps support the efforts of lobbying efforts on behalf of the industry and timeshare owners  dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing vacation ownership. In Europe as well, the timeshare industry is working on mirroring the ARDA-ROC model. 

Legislative Issues

ARDA-ROC is currently working on legislative issues in 14 states. There are four core state issues:

Non-Judicial Foreclosure

Supports non-judicial foreclosure laws which provide strong consumer protection provisions.

Transfer/Relief Company Legislation and Regulation

Supports legitimate transfers of timeshare interests to those who intend to assume all costs and obligations of ownership.

Timeshare Owner Privacy Laws

Supports responsible privacy protection for the personal information of owners that also preserves the ability of owners to participate in legitimate association (HOA) business.

Transient Accommodations Tax 

Firmly believes that the use of a timeshare unit by an owner or exchange guest should not be taxed like a rental and opposes all efforts to impose such taxes on an occupancy that generates no revenue. (The Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT) is also referred to as the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) ).

Many of ARDA-ROC cases are focused on the above Transient Accommodations Tax.  

In popular tourism areas, a tax is imposed on visitors to offset their impact on local public services and infrastructure, and to fund local services and facilities. The growth of timeshare in popular tourist areas has prompted jurisdictions to explore ways to generate this type of revenue from timeshare owners and exchangers. In addition, hotel owners who view timeshare as competition, have joined forces with local governments to push various forms of these taxes.

ARDA-ROC’s position is that the use of a timeshare unit by an owner or exchange guest should not be taxed like a rental and timeshare owners should be taxed the same way as owners of second homes. However, a timeshare unit rented on a nightly basis, like a hotel room, may be taxed on the same basis that exists currently in the jurisdiction.

Face to Face with Legislators

Along with a new social media campaign, #lovemytimeshare, ARDA-ROC hope to take owners to meet with legislators so they can hear directly from happy owners who do love their timeshare. When a government body is faced with legislation regulating timeshare, the best idea is to hear from happy owners. Not everyone wants to “get rid of their timeshare”. Most of them want to enjoy it…the space, the convenience, the flexibility. Taxes that impact owners have repercussions.

Fighting the Bad Guys

ARDA-ROC is aggressively litigating against disreputable timeshare exit companies. They have aided convictions against fraudulent companies in several states across the country and have actively put regulations in place for these unregulated companies. Timeshare owners can vacation in peace, knowing that there is a group looking out for them.

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