Your Timeshare Week is Posted… Now What?

published on February 24, 2020 by

Once your timeshare week is posted, don’t relax just yet! Here is a last minute checklist of things you should do while you wait for a buyer…

Timeshare Owners

1. Price Check Your Rental

Check the other offerings on your resort page and make sure your timeshare week is priced competitively. If there isn’t any competition for your resort and week, look at other postings in the area, to get a feel for what a renter or buyers’ options are. Price is always the primary thing you can do to control how fast it goes. The lowest priced ones will go first and hopefully quickly (however, we have seen that pricing TOO low raises questions about legitimacy, so be careful to pick the right price). You can play with price as often as you would like on all DIY postings, and full-service rentals. For full-service resales, please contact your agent to make adjustments. 

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2. Add or Update Your Resort Review

Make sure you post or update your resort review.  If you haven’t reviewed your resort yet, do it! You know your resort, so don’t be afraid to tell travelers how great it is. Share info on what you love about the location, amenities, and experience. If you have already posted a review, feel free to update it. Travelers like getting this updated information and will appreciate any tidbits you can provide to help them make their decisions.

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3. Scan Your Resort Page

Check out your resort’s page and let us know if you find any updates that need to be made to the information posted there. We do our best to keep up with resort updates, but with 4,000+ resorts worldwide, it’s a herculean task! Be the best advocate for your resort by letting us know about any outdated information, pictures, etc. We are all in this together. Help us help you so we can move those rentals & resales for you!

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4. Share Widely!

Once you’ve got your timeshare week posted and followed this checklist, post a link to your rental or resale posting on RedWeek’s Facebook page. It’s encouraged, and a great way to get more exposure for your offering! You can also share to your own page, or other groups you are a part of. You never know who might be looking!

Timeshare Owner Tips

Now that you have completed the checklist, you can sit back and wait for an excited buyer to snatch up your week. Happy selling!

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Comments (4)

    • Avatar for Joan G.
      Joan G.
      Feb 26, 2020 (edited)

      I’ve been using Redweek for several years to rent my Beaver Creek time share at the Westin. Unfortunately the last 2 listings did not rent. I wish the suggestion about Redweek’s FB page was suggested.

      • Avatar for Eric K.
        Eric K.
        Feb 29, 2020

        Listed my timeshare for one month short of a year now without any hits? Lowered my sales price 5 times, 90% less that I paid for it, a deeded timeshare. Now priced as a nearly give away. Probably will not renew with Red Week due to inactivity.

        • Avatar for John L.
          John L.
          Mar 02, 2020

          Yep, it's their fault ... smh

          • Avatar for Jo Ann O. trembath
            Jo Ann O. trembath
            Mar 25, 2020 (edited)

            What happens if renters cancel. Do theu still have to pay?