Is Anyone Traveling Right Now?

published on May 7, 2020 by .

A recent Forbes article pointed out that 100% of travel destinations are now affected by COVID-19. With so much unknown, is anyone booking travel right now? Believe it or not, there are some people booking trips.

Since the pandemic outbreak, most of our members have had to cancel their spring vacations. Our customer service team continues to work tireless hours to help every owner and renter with cancellation solutions. We recommend owners who have not booked their weeks yet to move their reservations out as far as possible to allow time for travel to resume.

As the pandemic begins to level out, we are now beginning to see trickles of bookings coming in again. Here are some insights to our recent member activity:
  • Hawaii is our most-booked location, taking up 34% of our bookings since April 1st. Members are booking an average of 149 days in advance – with the first check-ins beginning at the end of June.
  • California seems to be getting a lot of attention, at 20% of our bookings since April 1st. The average time between booking date & check-in is only 85 days. Most bookings are from relatively local travelers – primarily Californians or Arizonians heading to the coast. Even though resort amenities are still limited due to COVID-19, we have quite a few bookings in May and into the summer.
  • South Carolina bookings (Hilton Head & Myrtle Beach) make up 15% of bookings since April 1st. Many hope to get there at the end of May, now that things are starting to re-open. People are booking only 86 days out, on average.
  • Although our members are itching to get back to warm weather destinations, they aren’t booking those locations too soon. June 20th is the earliest check-in date for the Caribbean Islands.
  • It seems members are less confident about Mexico, as the earliest check-in we see is October 19th.
  • Surprisingly, we are seeing a spike in Missouri bookings from mid-west travelers. Big Cedar Wilderness Club has a few guests planning June – July weeks.

Where RedWeek members are going:

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  • Avatar for bonnie183
    May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

    Why are you only mentioning Marriott properties?

    • Avatar for stevek152
      May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

      Probably because Marriott properties are the best, and they are also doing more thorough cleaning to stay virus-free.

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        This message was deleted.
        • Avatar for stevek152
          May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

          Marriott launches global cleanliness council to promote even higher standards or cleanliness.

          • Avatar for troys63
            May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

            Honestly, appears like a Marriott ad.

            • Avatar for sandrap365
              May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

              Why only Marriott. It doesn't make sense. All of the big brands are doing a good job of cleaning. What's up?

              • Avatar for sandrap365
                May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                Yes, why just Marriott properties? Most big brands are doing a great job of cleaning to be virus free. What's up?

                • Avatar for carolw308
                  May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                  I'm a Vidanta Grand Luxxe owner and I'm going Jan 2021 and so looking forward to it!

                  • Avatar for carloss83
                    May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                    This looks like a branded sponsorship

                    • Avatar for memareds
                      May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                      We're doing a 4 week drive trip to the Yellowstone area in late July & August, followed by a 3 week stay in Sedona & Santa Fe. Our 31 day stay in Maui at the Kaanapali Beach Club from late October was booked in February as was our Yellowstone trip. Three of the weeks are at non Marriott time shares. Your article does sound like an ad plugging Marriott.

                      • Avatar for carolm683
                        May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                        Sneaky way of making you read an ad. Shame on you Marriott.

                        • Avatar for seany22
                          May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                          This was terrible!!!!

                          • Avatar for lindaf704
                            May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                            The statement is "Where are RedWeek members going". Obviously, Marriott properties are where the bookings are happening thru RedWeek. It is statistics, people.

                            • Avatar for mikem592
                              May 13, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                              Thank you, Linda. It’s really pretty obvious!

                              • Avatar for ronaldp150
                                May 16, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                                IF IT LOOKS LIKE A DUCK !!!!!!

                                • Avatar for kenb189
                                  May 16, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                                  Probably because Marriott owns most of the time shares business unfortunately and paid for ads.

                                  • Avatar for rogerm325
                                    May 16, 2020 (2 weeks ago)

                                    I have to agree. If you click on the hot links in the bulleted descriptions above, you will plainly see there are other brands mentioned. Even more so, if you click on the "view all" link *within* the locations mentioned in these bullets.

                                    Not exactly "fair and balanced" reporting in my view. Whether or not this is proof of a 'conspiracy' is another matter. At best, it appears to be a lack of prudential judgment on Red Week's part.