Hawaii Quarantine Extended: How This Affects Rentals

published on June 14, 2020 by

What does a quarantine on the islands actually look like? And what does it mean for your upcoming reservations?

*Updates as of July 14

Hawaii made some dramatic efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus on the islands… to the frustration of many owners and travelers. It appears to have worked, as there are very few cases on the islands.

Even still, as cases are still spiking on the mainland, Governor Ige has extended quarantine orders through August 31 for all visitors to the islands.  Starting September 1 (subject to change again as it has several times), travelers will need to provide proof of negative COVID test within 72 hours in order to avoid the otherwise mandatory quarantine.

In a step toward fully reopening the state, Hawaii Tourism announced that the quarantine will be lifted for inter-island travelers starting June 16. Visitors from other islands will be required to undergo a temperature check and complete a declaration form. Using a master list, authorities will also confirm that they’re not mainland or international travelers, who are still subject to a quarantine through the end of August.

GoHawaii issued a statement as of June 8 detailing the effects of the extension and suggesting that visitors postpone their travel plans until the situation becomes clearer.

For details by island:

How this affects rentals and reservations:

Although many resorts are technically open for reservations, it’s probably not worth it to travel to Hawaii until the quarantine regulation is lifted. Many tourist have already experienced consequences of breaking quarantine in Hawaii and to be frank; who wants to spend their Hawaii vacation trapped inside their hotel room?

For now, we recommend contacting your resort to rearrange your travel dates as far out as possible. As always, contact us if you need assistance.

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Comments (10)

    • Avatar for Douglas C.
      Douglas C.
      Jun 14, 2020 (edited)

      I have been a client of Redweek.com for many years. I am extremely disappointed, even angry that Redweek’s arbitration decision was 100% in favor of renters, and 0% in favor of owners in April 2020. I had 2 weeks in Maui which I trusted Redweek to handle and though I was sympathetic to renters who pre-paid, they took a risk, as did I in listing with Redweek. The decision that the Maui Ocean Club was “uninhabitable” was a complete lie. As a result I lost the monetary value of the weeks, ie lost revenue, but worse I couldn’t use the weeks myself because they were being held for the renters. There should have been a 50/50 shared risk and the renters should have been refunded only half, not the entire amount that YOU collected. The unit was habitable, but those staying would have had to quarantine. I would have gone myself and quarantined the 14 days. I will never use Redweek again to manage my reservation issues. I am pissed!

      • Avatar for Federico I.
        Federico I.
        Jun 16, 2020

        I agree with douglasc24, the renters should have a 50/50 share risk in case of unforeseeable problems with the resort. or Redweek should recommend them to buy insurance or have the chance of losing their deposit.

        • Avatar for Lance C.
          Lance C.
          Jun 16, 2020

          douglasc24 wrote:
          I will never use Redweek again to manage my reservation issues. I am pissed!

          Did you point out your complaint to RedWeek? If so, what was the response?

          • Avatar for Runinman71
            Jun 30, 2020

            Outdated article. Can travel after Aug 1 with proof of negative Covid test within 72 hrs of arrival. This came out late last week!,

            • Avatar for Kathleen B.
              Kathleen B.
              Jun 30, 2020

              Yes, Larry is correct !!

              • Avatar for Charles B.
                Charles B.
                Jun 30, 2020

                Does RedWeek offer renters insurance for owners who can’t get paid?

                • Avatar for klalaw
                  Jul 01, 2020 (edited)

                  Larry is NOT correct.For example, a Canadian can NOT travel to Hawaii and if allowed would have to spend 14 days in the hotel room!! I agree that Redweek has always favoured Renters not owners...e.g. owners dont get paid until 2 days AFTEr the renter has been in the resort. a 50/50 split is fair as both parties lose out in the pandemic.

                  • Avatar for Lance C.
                    Lance C.
                    Jul 02, 2020

                    klalaw07 wrote:
                    Larry is NOT correct.

                    Who is Larry and what did Larry say that was incorrect?

                    • Avatar for Sharon W.
                      Sharon W.
                      Jul 04, 2020

                      Though I sympathize with those who rented out their time to paying guests, if you cannot provide what you contractually promised (a resort stay with resort amenities) you simply must refund the guests. I, myself, was due to visit Hawaii this summer for a family reunion. I rented 3 condos at the same Marriott resort for the week of August 1-8. I kept calling the resort to check on the status. The resort manager finally told me that even if the resort did open up on August 1, I would likely not be able to use the pools, gym, recreation facilities, etc. I booked and paid for a resort so that I would have the amenities described in the listing, not just a condo to sleep in. I contacted the 3 different individuals that I rented from a month ago and they all cancelled their respective reservations and were given a credit. Two of them sent me a refund. The third one stated he would book me another week for next year, though that hasn't yet happened. I am now going to politely request that he refund the $3,200 I paid him last November. While there was no mention in any of the agreements about pandemic or natural disasters, the bottom line is that we had an agreement: I give them money, they give me what was described in their ad. Just like if I failed to pay them in full, I would not be fulfilling my end of our agreement, they aren't fulfilling their end if I don't get the full resort usage I paid for. I suspect that future agreements will include clauses that clearly outline how such situations will be handled.

                      • Avatar for HawaiiVacationRentals4U.com
                        Jul 05, 2020

                        Starting August 1, travelers will need to provide proof of negative COVID test within 72 hours in order to avoid the otherwise mandatory quarantine as per Governor Ige. Does anyone have any idea where one can get the COVID test results back in under 7 to 10 days in Arizona, California or Nevada?