RedWeek Travel Guide: The 10 Best Things To Do In Aruba

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There are Caribbean vacations — and then there’s Aruba. The island is just 70 square miles, but every inch of it is packed with fun, adventure, and surprises. During your getaway at such top resorts as Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club, Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club or Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in this tropical paradise. And by using RedWeek’s timeshare platform, you’ll find an unbelievably affordable way to discover the top Aruba attractions and experiences.

1. Arikok National Park

Aruba’s Arikok National Park is massive — it takes up just about 20 percent of the island. That means you could easily spend the bulk of your time in Aruba exploring this pristine landscape. Here, you’ll find 8,000 acres of natural wonders, from towering mountains to gorgeous sand dunes, from secluded beaches to mysterious caves. Hikers can climb to the top of the island; at 600 feet above sea level, Jamanota Hilltop delivers stunning views. Surfers should make a beeline to Dos Playas Beach, where the waves are always amazing. 

2. Aruba Natural Pool 

Aruba’s resorts usually have great pools. But don’t miss your chance to dive into the Aruba Natural Pool, one of the very best things to do in Aruba. Located in the Arikok National Park, this remote spot features a unique volcanic rock formation that creates a serene pool. It’s perfect for swimming, sightseeing, and sunbathing. But be forewarned — getting there is an adventure all on its own. The Aruba Natural Pool only accessible by foot, horseback or 4×4 vehicle. 

3. Oranjestad

Aruba’s “big city” is the charming harbor town of Oranjestad, a place like no other in the Caribbean. Oranjestad blends past and present, offering an immersion in the island’s Dutch heritage via wonderfully preserved architecture. This place is Instagram heaven, offering pops of bright color wherever you look. It’s also the ideal spot for an Aruba shopping spree, with international luxury retailers, eclectic boutiques, and enticing jewelry stores.

4. Antilla Shipwreck

Located just offshore in Aruba, the Antilla Shipwreck is known as one of the best Caribbean scuba diving adventures. At 400 feet long, it’s also one of the largest wrecks you can dive in the western hemisphere. It’s an aquatic playground now, offering divers the chance to swim amongst the colorful marine life that now calls the Antilla home. Check out your Aruba scuba options.

5. Fisherman’s Hut Beach

You’ll have no shortage of beaches to choose from during your Aruba getaway. But don’t miss Fisherman’s Hut Beach (also known as Hadicurari Beach). This postcard-ready stretch of sand is legendary for its awe-inspiring sunsets. It’s also beloved by snorkelers; the calm, crystal clear waters make Fisherman’s Hut a window into a world beneath the waves. 

6. Palm Beach 

Palm Beach, Aruba

More beach time? Of course. Palm Beach is an Aruba icon, offering white sand, swaying palm trees and azure waters in a lively environment. It’s as fun when the sun goes down as it is during the day, too. Palm Beach is packed with restaurants, clubs, lounges and casinos, making Palm Beach one of Aruba’s best nightlife options. Want to be close to the action? Explore some Palm Beach timeshare resorts

7. The Butterfly Farm

A one-of-a-kind Aruba attraction, the Butterfly Farm is set in a lush tropical garden just steps from Palm Beach, where you’ll encounter hundreds of free-flying butterflies. This is a spot best experienced early in the morning — that’s when the butterflies are most active. Bring your camera: these spectacularly colorful creatures are more than ready for their closeups. 

8. San Nicolas

Take some time during your Aruba escape to uncover the magic of San Nicolas — AKA Sunrise City. This laid-back gem offers a nice contrast to the more bustling vibes of the resort areas of the island. In the past few decades, San Nicolas has transformed into Aruba’s cultural capital, with local galleries and striking street art everywhere you look. Walking these streets is like getting a crash course in Aruban creativity. 

9. Aruba Aloe Museum & Factory

Aruba’s beaches and resorts are legendary, of course. But the island is also renowned for aloe. Founded in 1890, Aruba Aloe stands proudly as the oldest aloe company in the world. On a free tour of the Aruba Aloe Museum & Factory, just minutes from the hotel area, you’ll see how aloe is “fileted” and learn all about the plant’s powerful healing properties. Let’s just say that if you’ve been spending too much time in the Aruba sun, you’ll want to pay attention! 

10. Bushiribana Historic Gold Mines

Bushiribana Gold Mines

Take a trip back in time to the Aruba gold rush, during which more than three million pounds of the shiny stuff was dug up. Located on the north coast of the island, the Bushiribana Historic Gold Mines were abandoned long ago — but today, visitors can walk amongst the evocative ruins, which the surrounding beaches and hills have begun to reclaim. 

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      Patricia B.
      Jun 01, 2021

      Don't forget de palm island tour stay all day drink all day eat all day beach all day adult waterslide kid waterslide banana boat rides and nature all for one price. Massage and braids extra

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        Jun 08, 2021

        Don't forget Baby Beach! Crystal clear, calm, low water. Perfect for families with young children and for snorkeling, too.

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          Jun 09, 2021

          There are no "towering mountains" in Arikok National Park, just Jamanota Hilltop!