Why You Should Book Your Labor Day Vacation Now

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It might feel as though summer has just begun. But savvy travelers know that planning way ahead is a wise strategy. Especially in 2021. After all, millions of people have been cooped up thanks to quarantines and lockdowns for over a year. Now that restrictions are lifting all over the globe, everyone is champing at the bit to escape to their favorite vacation destinations. 

“US airfares are increasing, rental cars are in short supply and sifting through vacation home rental sites for gems in popular destinations is the new doomscrolling for some Americans desperate for a getaway within the United States,” writes CNN’s Marnie Hunter. 

That’s right, the post-pandemic summer travel surge is in full effect, stretching all the way to the long Labor Day Weekend (and likely beyond). But is all hope lost for those who have waited before booking their Labor Day vacation? Not necessarily. 

Check out RedWeek’s Labor Day vacation timeshare options.

The Timeshare Hack

From California to Florida, some resorts appear to already be filling up for Labor Day Weekend. But RedWeek can help you get into the best destinations’ resorts for an unforgettable Labor Day vacation. If you’re reading this, you’re just a keystroke away from finding hundreds of timeshare rentals available from owners. These rentals aren’t listed on resort websites. So often if those resorts say they’re sold out … they’re not! 

That means that this summer’s hottest travel destinations are still within reach for your Labor Day Weekend. Dreaming of a tropical getaway in Aruba? Check out the offerings at such enticing resorts as Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club or Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club, both of which put you right on the island’s Caribbean island iconic beaches. How about Hawaii? Via RedWeek, there are still spacious suites and villas available at Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club and The Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas. Discover coastal gems in South Carolina, a destination on the rise, thanks to outdoor adventure, classic southern cuisine, and great resorts in spots like Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island

We could go on … but suffice it to say that RedWeek has plenty of options when it comes to Labor Day Weekend getaways in all kinds of popular destinations. Even better, the by-owner prices are almost always cheaper than resort prices. If that sounds too good to be true, here’s a breakdown of why it’s not

Under-the-Radar Gems

Of course, you may not want to spend your Labor Day Weekend in the most popular (often beach-centric) destinations. RedWeek is good for that, as well. Our inventory includes hundreds of under-the-radar gems, from the Pacific Northwest to the high deserts of the Southwest. These spots may not be the first places that come to mind when you think of a summer escape, but they’re well worth discovering. 

In Sedona, Arizona, you’ll find a mystical landscape filled with craggy red rock buttes, restorative wellness options, and a unique shopping scene. Picturesque resorts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee put you right next to the incredible Great Smoky National Forest, a sprawling natural environment with eco-adventures galore and authentic Appalachian culture. California isn’t just about the coast. Consider Lake Tahoe, located in the beautiful Sierra Mountains. Or Palm Springs, an oasis in the midst of the Sonoran Desert, filled with fascinating architecture, innovative dining, and a wealth of unique boutiques. 

Wherever you end up, RedWeek is your reliable resource for getting you there. Start planning your Labor Day Weekend vacation with us now.

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