20 Years of Bringing Timeshare Owners & Travelers Together

published on February 24, 2022 by

Happy 20th Anniversary to RedWeek!

Back in 2002, our founder, Randy Conrads, saw that there was a need for a reputable, do-it-yourself timeshare marketplace. At the time, the timeshare industry had a bad reputation — people were wary of slick sales pitches and questionable scruples. Randy changed that with RedWeek — and 20 years later we’re not only thriving, but growing each and every year!

20 years of being a timeshare owner’s best friend.

We are always working towards helping more timeshare owners every year. Millions of timeshare owners are paying their annual fees year-after-year, and can’t always use their time, and many are frustrated waiting for exchanges. We help put cash in their pockets by helping owners make money on their timeshare rentals year after year. There are over 11 million timeshare families in the United States…our goal is to reach all of them!

20 years of helping travelers save on their vacations.

We work every day to find new ways of bringing RedWeek’s message to the masses. By renting and buying from individual owners rather than resorts, renters get amazing prices at their favorite resorts throughout the world. Travelers come back to RedWeek year after year for the unbeatable deals, and we are thrilled to be able to help them save!

20 years of loving what we do.

Since our inception 20 years ago, we have been loyally dedicated to helping timeshare owners make money while also helping savvy travelers save money. We are so grateful and proud of the incredible community we have built, and we are truly honored to have been trusted by our members for 20 years!

Thank you to all our members who continue to be a part of RedWeek.com!

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Comments (12)

    • Avatar for Leslie G.
      Leslie G.
      Mar 08, 2022


      We hope RedWeek continues to be a resourceful service in the time share industry for the foreseeable future.

      • Avatar for Deborah G.
        Deborah G.
        Mar 08, 2022

        Happy 20th, I love this site for 15 years!!

        • Avatar for Barbara F.
          Barbara F.
          Mar 11, 2022

          Congratulations, would love to understand your history. I have used Red Week to purchase weeks and to sell weeks. I also have purchased a timeshare at the Marriott in Park City, Utah through Red Week! Thank you, you are a great resource! Barbara, Scottsdale Az

          • Avatar for Allyson C.
            Allyson C.
            Sep 10, 2022

            I've been a member since 2003 and have rented often through redweek. Never had a bad rental via redweek

            • Avatar for Cheryl B.
              Cheryl B.
              Sep 23, 2022

              Cancellation policy

              • Avatar for Kathy F.
                Kathy F.
                Nov 08, 2022 (edited)

                Renaissance Wind Creek MARINA resort in Aruba does not sell or rent timeshares. The sister resort across street -the Wind Creek Renaissance OCEAN SUITES does. You may want to remove Marina facility from site —it’s misleading.

                • Avatar for Luanne
                  Jan 01, 2023


                  • Avatar for Jerry O.
                    Jerry O.
                    Feb 09, 2023 (edited)

                    I wish to surrender my timeshare and require a call to discuss

                    • Avatar for Marilynne W.
                      Marilynne W.
                      Mar 02, 2023

                      I'm surprised that there are no comments from 2023.

                      • Avatar for Beverly K.
                        Beverly K.
                        Jun 15, 2023

                        Love RedWeek a great company

                        • Avatar for Christopher F.
                          Christopher F.
                          Jun 15, 2023

                          An oasis of reliability in the Scamahara Desert.

                          • Avatar for Lee S.
                            Lee S.
                            Jun 15, 2023

                            We’ve been members of Redweek for many years! My only complaint is that you don’t require renters to buy renters insurance! We got “ burned” last year because of hurricane Ian! No renter/they got their money back from Redweek, we lost our points AND the rental income! Seemed to me that at the point of rental agreement the week became THEIRS, not mine, thus THEY should lose, not me! We have insurance on it for US but not renters!