Top 10 Destinations for Summer 2022

published on July 11, 2022 by

As travel continues to ramp up for the remainder of 2022, most travelers already have their summer vacation plans buttoned up. So far, we have seen almost double the summer bookings for 2022 as we saw in 2021, and we’re so happy that more and more families are able to travel this year!

Here are the top 10 destinations we are seeing already booked for summer this year, in order of popularity:

1. Hawaii

As more people begin to feel comfortable traveling further distances, and popular tourist areas continue to lift restrictions, Hawaii has returned to it’s #1 spot on our summer destination list.

2. South Carolina

South Carolina was RedWeek’s #1 destination for summer 2021—surpassing even Hawaii—but this year has slid down to #2. This is a popular destination for east coasters within driving distance, but is also such a beautiful area that it draws crowds from all over the country.

3. California

A forever favorite among warm weather lovers, California remains one of our most popular summer destinations this year. One of the top coastal resorts continues to be Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas.

4. Caribbean

Though the Caribbean is always in our Top 25 list for the whole length of the year, it tends to take a backseat to California and Hawaii during the summer month. It is still a crowd pleaser this year, though, coming in at #4.

5. Florida

Another destination that travelers flock to during the colder months, Florida is also a trending spot this summer as people get back into the swing of things and return to popular areas.

6. Mexico

After a slight dip in popularity throughout the pandemic recovery, Mexico seems to be gaining traction among travelers again in 2022, as it climbed up a spot this summer. As restrictions ease in these tourist-saturated areas, travel increases as well.

7. Virginia

Another popular destination for east coasters who are looking for a relaxing road trip vacation, Virginia remains a summer favorite among RedWeek renters.

8. Massachusetts 

A dream vacation for history buffs and lovers of old-town charm, Massachusetts offers fun for the whole family—as well as a lush scenic backdrop for summer recreation.

9. Nevada

The under-dog of summer destinations this year is definitely Nevada. A state that didn’t even make the top 10 summer list in 2021 managed to surpass three states this yea— bumping both Colorado and Texas off the list entirely.

10. Missouri

Though Nevada beat this beloved state by one slot this year, Missouri is still a favorite summer destination among many families in 2022.

Haven’t started planning your summer vacation yet? Don’t worry, we still have plenty of rentals for you to choose from!

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