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Welcome to Summer, While a Soggy Florida Braces for Hurricanes

RedWeek just returned from a long road trip where we attended industry conferences in sunny Las Vegas and supposedly sunny Orlando, but as soon as we got to Orlando, we got the word: Rained Out.

Not really, but the Sunshine State turned into the Soggy State during our visit, just in time for the start of Summer, which in Florida rhymes with Hurricane Season (June 1 to Nov. 30).  The region deserves a break, because it’s still recovering and rebuilding from the last two years of hurricanes.  The sticky weather took a huge bite out of Florida and Caribbean tourism and timeshares in 2016 and 2017, and it looks like the weather gods are hungry for more.  Meanwhile, big brand hotel and timeshare resorts are rebuilding while independent timeshares are still negotiating with, or suing, their insurance companies to cover repairs from 2016 and 2017.  Welcome to 2018, ready or not.


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Welcome to the New RedWeek!

Have you had a chance to explore the new RedWeek yet? With a sleek new look and improved functionality, the RedWeek redesign is packed with changes that we’re sure will make posting and searching for timeshares easier than ever.

One of the biggest changes is one you’re bound to notice if you’re browsing RedWeek on the go – mobile functionality! Whether you’re viewing from your phone or tablet, the RedWeek site is perfectly adapted to fit your device. No more pinching and zooming, or scrolling sideways to read minuscule text. Vertical scrolling, slick menus and quick loading times ensure that mobile RedWeek is every bit as great as the “full site”!

You might also notice the improvements to our search features when looking for a timeshare. After you type in a general location (think city, state or country), you’ll have the option to refine your search on the results page. You can choose to specify results only within a certain date range or price range. Additionally, you can refine by unit size, RedWeek user rating or even features – perfect if you’re looking for just all-inclusive resorts, or just resorts with internet or a pool, for example! Your results can also be arranged into list or grid views and sorted by user rating.

If you commonly post your own timeshare for rent or sale; rejoice! Our posting creation process has been greatly streamlined. Instead of navigating page by page, your posting is created on a single page with clean, expandable menus guiding you through each step. Photos are easier than ever to upload; drag and drop or upload them in bulk, with the option to review and caption them before your posting goes live.

Certain major pages were brought out of their more obscure locations into the limelight. The Timeshare Companies page – a hotspot for those looking to buy or sell a points system – is no longer just tucked away on the resales page, but rather accessible directly under the “Find a Timeshare” tab near the top of the screen. There’s no need to visit the account page in order to view your postings, either. The “My Postings” link at the top of the page (left of the RedWeek banner) will instantly take you to the page where you can view and edit your postings.

While not active yet, we also have some great community features planned in the coming months! If you encounter any bugs, issues or something that just doesn’t seem to be working right, please let us know at We hope you’re every bit as excited as we are to experience the new!

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Maximize Your Chances to Rent Your Week!

You have a desirable week up for rent and an attractive price, and yet you’re still having a hard time moving that week you have up for rent – sound familiar? If you’re just not seeing those inquiries roll in, we have a few tips and tricks that will help you maximize the chances of renting out your week!

1. Details Count!

Unless your potential renter is familiar with the resort in question, it falls upon you as the owner to “sell” the resort to renters if you want to rent your week. Think back to when you purchased ownership – what made you buy at your resort? Does your resort boast particularly amazing room views? Do they have a fantastic pool or restaurant on property? Is it ideally located next to major area attractions? Does your resort go the extra mile to make guests happy? Any and all of these qualities are fantastic additions to your posting’s “Details” section. If you’re advertising a fixed week, you can also advertise any events and activities that are going on during the rental period. Remember, as an owner, you’re the expert on your resort!

2. Make Sure the Price is Right!

Even if you think the price you have listed for your week is an absolute steal, it never hurts to compare pricing. Check your prices against other owners advertising similar weeks at the same resort – is your price still attractive in comparison to these other owners? Also, make use of RedWeek’s “What’s Your Timeshare Worth” tool. This allows you to enter your resort to view a history of all of its rental data on RedWeek. Prices, week number and unit size are displayed. Green dots indicate the week was rented, yellow dots indicate the week was deactivated with no reason given or expired and red dots indicate the week was not rented. This provides you with a more visual breakdown of what prices have been successful in the past.

3. Show the Value!

Part of what makes timeshare rentals so popular to travelers is the massive savings compared to making arrangements with the resort directly. Consider doing a bit of research to highlight the price difference. Visit your resort’s website and work out what the same week would cost guests if they booked through the resort. Subtract your week’s asking rental price, and add the equation into your posting’s ‘Details’ section. Show other members the value in renting through you!

4. Be Flexible in Payment!

It may be tempting to request full payment up front, but we recommend being a bit more flexible with payment. As a show of good faith, recommend using a licensed escrow service – this can help put a renter at ease. Or, if your renter has another preferred payment method that you’re comfortable with, consider giving it a try. As always, have a rental agreement in place so that both you and your renter feel safe and secure.

5. Post at the Right Time!

RedWeek research has shown that most members tend to book their accommodations about six months out from their date of travel, and this is why our rental postings run for six months. If you have the extra time and funds, it doesn’t hurt to advertise a year out from check-in and renew again in six months. If you don’t want to worry about renewals, however, we recommend posting an even six months out from your check-in date. Those 1-2 months before your rental starts are invaluable; it’s at this point the resort is often booked solid, and last-minute vacationers are on the hunt for availability. Your renter gets a reservation and you’ve successfully rented your week – it’s a win-win!

With these five tips, renting your timeshare doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark! Have you rented out your week through RedWeek, and have you had success? What tactics have worked for you? Or, if you rent from owners, what are you looking for in a posting?

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RedWeek’s Casting Calls Are a Success!

This past July, RedWeek debuted The Great Family Vacation Casting Call to undisputed success! The casting call offered vacationing families the chance to enjoy professional photography and RedWeek fame.

Colleen, Shane and their two two teenagers were our first applicants to be selected. Hailing from Arizona, the family chose Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club in Oahu for their summer vacation. Long-time RedWeek members, Colleen and Shane use RedWeek to book their annual vacations and have made some fantastic memories. Their gorgeous photography was the work of Oahu-based photographer Kim Ebert.

Colleen and Shane’s summer Oahu vacation!

RedWeek’s second casting call featured Mark and Vickie from Portland, Oregon. RedWeek members and owners at Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club, the couple visited the resort to celebrate a family wedding and added on a second week for themselves at the end once the rest of family had gone home. Wendy Laurel captured Mark, Vickie and the family enjoying the Maui sun.

Mark and Vickie’s Maui vacation!

There’s one more casting call underway – and we want you to be a part of it! If your family has vacation plans at timeshare resort in the US, you can apply here to receive a free professional photo shoot, all digital copies of the photos, a $50.00 photo printing certificate and your face on RedWeek! Ideal applicants are RedWeek members who have booked their trip through RedWeek, and a photo and testimonial about your RedWeek experience will improve your chances of being selected.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more updates on our casting calls!

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Achieve RedWeek Fame With Our First Ever Casting Call

How would you like be featured on the new RedWeek site and score some free photos in the process? The Great Vacation Casting Call is your chance! We’re looking for a few groups or couples who are vacationing to a US resort in the next few months to become a part of our program. Selected participants will work with a professional photographer in an organized photo shoot, the content of which will appear on the newly redesigned RedWeek home page!

Participants will also receive all the photos from the shoot in digital format for their own use, as well as a $50.00 photo printing certificate to put towards printing their favorites. Of course, don’t forget the RedWeek fame – your photo will be displayed on the RedWeek homepage for our two million users to see! If you’re thinking of entering but worry about privacy, we want to assure you that last names will not be used and details of your trip will not be shared.

To get started, please visit our application page. After submitting your application, we’ll be in touch with you to work out all of the details. Also, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for frequent updates regarding The Great Vacation Casting Call!

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Can You Pull Cash Out of Your Timeshare?

May’s “Ask The Timeshare Crusader” question comes from Philip:
I own my Newport Coast timeshare and would like to pull some cash out. Who offers financing on timeshares. I am not interested in selling it, I just want to pull cash out.
Lisa Ann’s Answer:
If you are looking to get some cash for equity on your timeshare, those days have for the most part past; although I’m fairly certain there are a handful of lending institutions that would allow it.
If however, you are looking to refinance your timeshare (assuming you purchased it from the developer and are paying up to 18.9 % interest on the loan) then yes, you do have some options to lower your monthly payments assuming your original financing contract does not impose a pre-payment penalty.
At 18.9 %  most credit cards can come in lower. RedWeek currently has an agreement with Lending Club, a peer-to-peer lending site, and will give RedWeek members 1% cash back on any loan
I’d also check with the resort or the entity that’s actually doing the financing to see if the interest rate can be lowered. Be advised however that the hypothecation of the loan is where many timeshare resorts make the bulk of their money, so they may not be open to negotiation.
Most financial institutions will finance the timeshare for you via a signature loan and, in most cases, the interest rate will be several basis points lower than whatever the resort is offering.
If you do find a financial institution that does offer home equity loans that include timeshare, I’d love to pass that information on!
Share Your Thoughts
Care to comment on Lisa Ann’s answer? Join the conversation on our Ask the Timeshare Crusader forumHave questions for the Timeshare Crusader? Please post them on her forums page, or e-mail them to us.

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Leading timeshare marketplace,®, added another “R” to its name in the form of a registered trademark. With a registered trademark, has exclusive rights to the term RedWeek for promoting timeshare rental and resale properties.

“This is a huge step in preventing the trademark infringement that has plagued us from the onset,” said Maurice Aubrey, president. “Now that we hold a registered trademark, we have the legal right to protect our name from being used by other companies that may harm our reputation.”

Founded in 2002, has attracted more than 1.5 million registered users. Timeshare owners from around the world come to to advertise their timeshare units for rent and resale. As a result, travelers are able to find amazing deals on condo-style timeshare resort accommodations at a fraction of what is being charged by the resorts and developers.

To learn more about or timesharing visit

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New Timeshare Valuation Tool is Easy as 1-2-3!

Are you thinking of selling or renting your timeshare? Redweek offers lots of help, including FAQs and a great video “how-to.” Now Redweek is offering a tool that you’ll also find most helpful – Timeshare Valuation. If you are considering selling or renting your timeshare, the first thing you need to do is determine its fair market value. Find out the resale and rental values of your timeshare with’s free new tool.

When you make plans to sell your timeshare, there are a number of things you need to do. These include checking your paperwork to make sure you know if the property is deeded, right-to-use, or is a club property. You’ll also want to contact your resort directly and ask questions before listing your timeshare for sale.

Know your legal limits (you’ll find that information also in your paperwork), and you’ll want to find out if your resort charges a transfer fee, or if it charges a commission even if it isn’t involved in the resale.

When listing your resale on RedWeek, be sure to include as much detail as possible. You’ll also need to know if the resort will impose any restrictions on the new owner.

One detail you will definitely need to learn before ever posting the resale or rental is – what is the fair market value of your timeshare. Without that information you can’t proceed with your listing. But how to find out that information?

With Redweek’s new Timeshare Valuation tool that important information is right at your fingertips, and is as easy as 1-2-3.

Ready to try it out? Click here to get started and follow the 3 easy steps!

  1. Step One: Enter the name of your resort.
  2. Step Two: Enter your owner information, (if you are already logged in, you skip right to step 3).
  3. Step Three: See your timeshare valuation. It’s that easy!

Now you’re ready to post your timeshare rental or timeshare resale on

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New Listings for Kaanapali Beach Club Maui

The Kaanapali Beach Club in Lahaina on Maui is one of the resorts on this year’s just released “Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts,” a list compiled by RedWeek members. Offered by Diamond Resorts, this spectacular resort complex is located on the world famous Ka’anapali Beach on Maui’s North Shore, where you can sunbathe during the day and are bathed in stunning sunsets every evening.

The landscaping offers tropical garden atriums and relaxing waterfalls where you can enjoy outdoor café seating. Swim in the heated, acre-wide, lagoon-style pool that also boasts a 2-story water slide. Miniature golf and a children’s program are also offered.

Other activities include many water sports such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. With your timeshare kitchen you can take advantage of the resort’s barbecue and picnic areas. You can work out at the state-of-the-art fitness center that includes yoga, or indulge yourself at the spa.

This resort is also a prime whale-watching location. The humpback is the star of the annual whale-watching season in Hawaii, which usually begins in December or January and lasts until April.

RedWeek reviewers have this to say about the Kaanapali Beach Club:

“The Ka’anapali Beach Club is my escape from every day life. I love the location and the relaxing atmosphere. The beach is very nice: clean and not busy from foot traffic. This is my primary reason to stay at Ka’anapali Beach Club – for a very relaxing vacation.”

“I am an owner and my unit is Very beautiful. I love keeping my balcony doors open during the night and listen to the waves. During the day, I can watch the whales (during whale season) from my balcony – very entertaining. There is a walkway along the beach so I enjoy my morning walks for about 3 miles each day. There is a grocery store within short walking distance and also a farmer’s market (which is perfect for the timeshare kitchen).”

“A fantastic location with a great, attentive staff. Extremely family-friendly, but not overrun with kids. The view is amazing, especially during whale season. The nicest resort on Maui that is not “stuffy.” Virtually anything you want to do is within close reach from this resort. You Won’t be disappointed.”

Current listings for Kaanapali Beach Resort on Maui include 73 timeshare rentals, starting at just $107/night, and 13 resales that start at $1800.

(Photo credit –

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New RedWeek Member Benefit Announced

Membership in just got better. As if all of the other great membership benefits weren’t enough, now as a member you can save an additional 1% off of a Lending Club loan.

Do you love owning your timeshare, but got stuck with a high-interest timeshare loan? Maybe you have other debts that have become a real drain on your budget. Now you can save on peer-to-peer lending with your RedWeek membership.

What is Peer-to-Peer lending? As a RedWeek member you already know the benefits of working together, and now you can experience this at the next level. Lending Club members borrow from each other, eliminating the middleman.

The Lending Club is where “Investors earn better returns, borrowers pay lower rates.” Since its inception in 2007, Lending Club’s online community has funded over $178M, with a cumulative return for investors of over $11M. Lending Club is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

From CBS Money Watch to the Harvard Business Review to the Wall Street Journal, respected journalists are praising this innovative approach to loans and investment.

So take advantage of this newest benefit of your membership, and check into getting a loan with a 1% cash back today!

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