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Use our Top 25 List to Plan Your Next Timeshare Vacation

If you’re starting to think about where to plan your next timeshare vacation, but you could use a few ideas, you’ll want to check out our list of the Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts, chosen by members. Timeshare owners know that one of the joys of vacation ownership is being able to exchange your week for a week at another resort and those who use our site to rent from these owners know what great deals area available to enjoy the ultimate vacation experience.

This year, our members chose Disney’s Beach Club Villas and Disney’s BoardWalk Villas as the number one and two top timeshare locations. Located in Lake Buena Vista Florida, near Orlando, both of these resorts have been awarded five-star ratings from travelers. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities such as: water slides, pontoon boating, tennis and volleyball courts, fishing, and midway games. And of course the Disney Theme parks themselves are a free bus ride away for a great family attraction.

Last year’s number one pick, The Manhattan Club, slipped to third place this year. Located in the heart upper-midtown Manhattan, this resort is an easy walk to Central Park, Carnegie Hall, and Times Square. The elegant wood paneled and marbled lobby is a delight to the eyes. The Club features doormen, valet parking, and a knowledgeable concierge staff waiting to help you with dinner reservations and theater tickets.

That was our members’ top three resorts to give you ideas for planning your next vacation. For the complete list of all Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts visit our web site. Sign in free as a guest to browse details on each property.

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Timeshare Owners Vacation Memories Could Win $1,000 in Contest

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Chairman Jim Lewis wants you to know about the “Bring Your Vacation to Life” contest sponsored by Timeshare owners can enter their vacation photos with a story, or create their own video (3 minutes or less) showing how a timeshare vacation memory has enhanced their lives, family, health and overall enjoyment. In an effort to get people to realize that taking time to unwind, de-stress and connect with family is an important health benefit, they want to know what a timeshare vacation really means to you and your family.

The contest is offering a $1,000 AMEX gift certificate to the winner, whose story (and video) will be featured in ARDAs Developments magazine, and displayed on the and web sites. The deadline for entries is not until August 31, 2009, so, if you are planning a trip this summer, make sure to take the video camera along to capture the moments! Or, pull out those photos from your last trip to create a video montage or scrapbook page along with a story in your own words. Be creative!, brought to you by ARDA, is an informational resource about vacation ownership including timeshares, fractionals and private residence clubs. They pride themselves on demonstrating ways for travelers to vacation better. See their video calling for entries on the VacationBetter Channel at YouTube.

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How Do I Post a Timeshare Online for Rent or Sale?

You’re a timeshare owner and you have a unit to rent or sell, but, you don’t know how to get started. First, become a member at, the largest timeshare marketplace by creating an account for only $14.99. Our goal at is to be the timeshare owners’ advocate. Our site is a portal for you to connect with people who are interested in your unit to rent or buy.

There are several things to keep in mind when creating a posting online to rent or sell your timeshare:

  • You should fully disclose any fees that will affect the final rental or sale price. (This does not include any escrow services and fees that may be applied). Here’s a list of fees that may apply to your unit: an owner imposed non-refundable deposit, an owner-imposed cleaning fee, all-inclusive fee, a resort per-person surcharge, or guest certificate fee).
  • You may only advertise one unit per posting and that ad should not make mention of any additional units you may have available for sale or rent at the same or other resorts.
  • You should list the highest asking price for your unit in the “Price” section of your posting. If the price of your unit varies by season, lower seasonal prices should be listed in the “Details” section of your posting.

The posting policy at is designed to create a positive environment for owners and prospective buyers/renters. Adhering to our Posting Do’s and Don’ts will greatly increase your success in renting or selling your unit, and also help prevent potential problems with your listing.

To be fully prepared, so there are no surprises, you’ll want to read the full articles with more specific details about posting a timeshare for rent, and the additional resources regarding posting a timeshare for sale online.

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Summer’s Coming, Visit the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas Timeshare

With Memorial Day behind us, that means summer travel is just around the corner! Consider vacationing at the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas for the ultimate experience in pampering. This timeshare resort in Lahaina, Hawaii, sits atop 26 lush acres with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean or the islands of Lana’i and Moloka’i.

Over 20 new timeshare rental listings for this resort have been added to, so, if you are not already a member, login as a guest to see what weeks are currently available. Guests of the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas enjoy spacious one- and two-bedroom vacation homes featuring large lanais with ocean views. The beautiful décor includes stone flooring and marble counter tops. Roomy bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, washer/dryers, and the Westin “Heavenly Bed” with layers of cozy down bedding makes your stay complete. Studio villas sleep four and two-bedroom villas sleep eight.

The resort has many amenities available for guests, including a 10,000 square foot luxury spa, general store and a business center with computers and Internet access (though, you’ll be too busy relaxing to do business). If you’re looking for recreational activities, try the lavish 7,600-square-foot swimming pool featuring waterfalls and a 90-foot slide. You’ll also enjoy the poolbar, lighted tennis courts, owners lounge and game room, and outdoor gas grills. For relaxation and rejuvenation, guests can enjoy the resort’s two hot tubs, or work up a sweat in Fitness Center, which features a sauna and steam room. For families there’s even a kiddie pool and The Westin Kids Club children’s program, which offers cultural activities and excursions to nearby attractions.

Visit the timeshare forums to discuss your experience and ask questions of other timeshare owners about this magnificent property. If you are not already a member of the site, login as a guest to participate in the conversation.

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Our Members Save Thousands on Vacations with Timeshare Rentals

Most people when preparing for a vacation either call a travel agent or search online for deals themselves. Travel web sites like Travelocity and Expedia are often used to make room reservations, but, did you know you could save thousands of dollars renting a timeshare from, the largest timeshare marketplace? If this sounds too good to be true, sign in free as a guest and compare prices for yourself. We’ve conducted our own research on our listed prices vs. the EXACT same units posted on major travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity, and our timeshare condos usually cost hundreds or thousands of dollars less.

Why is timeshare rental so much cheaper?

With timeshare rental, timeshare owners post their properties that they are unable to use for that year. With over 1 million registered users, we have over 4,000 luxury resorts to choose from. Since they own the property, they can choose the cost of the nightly rental fee. Most owners just wish to cover their own annual costs which can be significantly lower than the rates a resort with high overhead would offer to the general public.

Although you don’t pay a membership fee to access and contact hotels on Expedia and Travelocity, you may not realize there are significant fees built in to the final booking price. When conducting your own research, choose dates on the travel web sites listed above, and continue in the process like you’re going to book those dates, in order to see the FULL price. What you’ll find is that the “full price” includes taxes and fees. We were amazed during our research to find some taxes and fees were as high as $81.60 PER NIGHT!

What do I get as a member of RedWeek?

It’s FREE to view the resorts, availability, and participate in our timeshare discussion forums, but when you are ready to contact the timeshare owner directly about a resort you’d like to rent, you need to become a member. A, membership, just $14.99, which gives you access to thousands of resort reviews, and want ads. For those who already own a timeshare, you also have the option of posting your unit for rent, sale, or exchange (nominal fees apply).

See what our members have to say:

“My wife used RedWeek for the third time and got a smoking deal in Cabo $75/night instead of $495/night same room, same date on Expedia.” – Kurt W.

Become a guest of RedWeek and do your own research before your next vacation. When you see the savings, you’ll be glad you did.

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Timeshare Rentals on Mentioned in “5 Secrets for Cheap Travel”

In an article by, was mentioned as the “Switzerland” of online timeshare companies in that they are a neutral resource for helping people buy, rent and exchange timeshares. “[] is a subscription based service, not run by any of the big hotel chains or timeshare companies,” Says reporter Matt Markovich. You can browse timeshare resorts located all over the world, see descriptions of the properties, availability, and rental prices with information posted by timeshare owners. By renting a timeshare directly from the owner, you can save hundreds of dollars over the nightly prices available to the public.

In addition to timeshare rental, the article went on to talk about how to save money on airfare by watching the news. Keep an eye out for airfare wars that often begin late on a Friday. When that happens, the best days to buy cheap tickets are Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, when air fares are at their lowest.

Consolidator tickets were also mentioned as a great savings option. They are like the wholesale of air fares, but, must be sold to you through a travel agent. If you have an agent you trust, ask them if they can negotiate your ticket costs.

Click here to read the entire article.

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Protect Yourself from Timeshare Scams and Resale Fraud

This week NBC news reported, through their affiliate in Rochester KTTC, that a local woman was swindled while trying to sell her timeshare at Christmas Mountain Village in the Wisconsin Dells.

The 39-year-old woman searched the internet and found a company she thought would sell her timeshare. In typical fashion with timeshare scammers, the woman was asked to pay up front, and in good faith, she sent in her $1,800 last March. The company promised to fulfill her request and told her the money would be refunded upon the sale of her timeshare property.

Unfortunately, 2 months later, the woman has still never heard back from the company, and although she has filed a police report, the chances of her receiving her money back are slim.
This story is too common and there are many different versions of timeshare scams and fraud that have been robbing innocent and trusting owners of their hard-earned money for years.
One of the oldest scams is when a timeshare owner receives a cold call from someone who claims to have a hot buyer for their property at a price slightly lower than the asking price. The owner agrees to sell through him. A few days later the representative calls to say that a fee is due to cover “advertising” costs, and that “state regulations” require that the owner record a statement saying that the money to be paid is for advertising only. The money is sent and months pass with no sale. Follow up calls by the timeshare owner finally reveal that there was no buyer and the “advertising” money is not available for refund.

Don’t let this happen to you. The best way to ensure a safe transaction in the sale of your timeshare is to use an escrow service that will hold funds until the delivery of the deed. Entering into an escrow agreement is the only sure way to prevent fraud because the escrow company handles disbursing funds between the buyer and seller. They will also obtain the signatures for all closing documents, collect payment from the buyer, prepare the deed, and coordinate the transfer with the resort’s Home Owners Association (HOA).

At we take fraud very seriously, and make every effort to prevent it from occurring, which is why for escrow services we recommend the First American Title Insurance Company and their National Vacation Ownership Division (NVOD). They are a Fortune 500 Company that has been in existence over 100 years so it’s a name you know you can trust.
For those timeshare owners who prefer to work through a broker, ask for their name, company name, license number, and state where licensed. Use an online resource, such as Arello, to make sure their license is active or contact the broker’s state regulatory agency.

The best way to protect yourself is to be educated about these fraudulent practices and use reputable businesses with safeguards for your protection.

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Tips to Save Money When You Travel to Your Timeshare

It seems like now more than ever, saving money is of the utmost importance, and vacationing and travel is no exception. When you are making your travel plans to use your timeshare resort this year, wants to remind you that there are many ways to enjoy your vacation and still keep within your budget.

Take a look at these tips to save on travel costs:
Invite Family and Friends Along!Pull out that sleeper sofa in the living area, (which is perfect for kids) or for those with two and three bedroom units, invite one or two other couples along, and share the costs of the unit.

Travel Close to Home Looking forward to a vacation, but don’t want to spend money on airfare? Exchange your week for a location an hour or two from your home. A change of scenery and playing tourist in your own city or county invites a fun and exciting new adventure. Be sure to do a search on “tourist attractions” and your city name to see what great locations and activities you can visit.

Skip Expensive Meals Out and Plan Ahead You already know the convenience of having a full kitchen in your unit. Take advantage of this amenity and get creative before you go by searching for new recipes online and creating your grocery list in advance. Many online recipe sites offer tips on how to shop for a week so you use and reuse items in the next days’ recipe for even more cost savings.

Free Activities at Timeshare Resorts
This year, before you go, call ahead to your resort and find out what complimentary activities are available for kids and adults such as arts and crafts, pool games, karaoke, free DVD’s etc… You can even ask them to recommend a great hiking trail, beach, lake or other free outdoor attraction.

Get the most of your timeshare this year and relax knowing you planned ahead, saved money and stayed within budget.

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Join In On Our Timeshare Discussion Forums

If you haven’t already done so, take the time to visit the Forums section of the web site and engage in conversations with other travelers and timeshare owners. You can start a new topic to hold open for discussion or add your comment to a post another member has created. We currently have eight forum topics you can take part in:
1) Forum Announcements: This is where shares its official news and announcements with our timeshare community. Come and see what’s new at RedWeek.
2) Buying, Selling and Renting Timeshares Forum: In this newly created forum you can discuss and share your tips on buying, renting, and selling timeshares.
3) Timeshare Exchanges Forum: In the Exchange forum, you can discuss how people exchange, their tips on doing it successfully and companies available for use.
4) Timeshare Point Systems Forum: This forum discusses aspects of the various point systems available in the timeshare industry.
5) Timeshare Companies Forum: If you want to talk about resort developers, management companies, vacation clubs, etc., you’ll want to use this forum.
6) Travel Tips and Advice Forum: This is a great place for a general discussion of travel topics like: where to eat and great things to see in certain towns, information about airlines and rental cars, as well as specific vacation destinations or timeshare listings people enjoy.
7) General Timeshare Discussion Forum: This forum is for all other topics not previously mentioned above.
8) Timeshare Resorts Forum: Each resort has its own discussion forum. Find a resort by searching or browsing and click its “view discussion forum” link.

Get involved in the forum community and share your knowledge and experience with others. Your friends are also welcome to post comments once they sign up as a guest. Let your voice be heard in the forums. Make friends, help others, answer questions and share with your fellow travel and timeshare neighbors. You’ll be glad you did.

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Find Timeshare and Travel Information Here

Welcome to the new blog. We’re looking forward to bringing you the latest information on the timeshare and travel industry. We’ll be offering you a wealth of information regarding the latest timeshare industry trends, news and important things you need to know as a timeshare owner or person who enjoys timeshare rental for vacation travel. was formed in 2002 with the goal of creating an online marketplace that connects travelers and the timeshare community. is both a timeshare exchange company and a marketplace for timeshare rentals and sales.

As a timeshare exchange company, and a partner company handle full-service exchanges, with a unique points-based system. In the timeshare rentals and sales marketplace, offers are posted by timeshare owners, resorts, and industry professionals and interested parties can contact them directly to arrange a transaction. Travelers can find deals otherwise unavailable and timeshare owners make the most out of their investment. also features detailed resort information, including ratings and reviews to make vacation selection easier. Users can sign up to be notified when new postings are available at the resorts, or post a RedWish vacation want ad to make a request for specific accommodations. Additionally, our users have access to our extensive timeshare Forums, which have over 1.7 million message views to date.

Sign up as a guest and start viewing over 4,000 luxury resorts to start planning your next vacation today.

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