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Tips to Save Money When You Travel to Your Timeshare

It seems like now more than ever, saving money is of the utmost importance, and vacationing and travel is no exception. When you are making your travel plans to use your timeshare resort this year, wants to remind you that there are many ways to enjoy your vacation and still keep within your budget.

Take a look at these tips to save on travel costs:
Invite Family and Friends Along!Pull out that sleeper sofa in the living area, (which is perfect for kids) or for those with two and three bedroom units, invite one or two other couples along, and share the costs of the unit.

Travel Close to Home Looking forward to a vacation, but don’t want to spend money on airfare? Exchange your week for a location an hour or two from your home. A change of scenery and playing tourist in your own city or county invites a fun and exciting new adventure. Be sure to do a search on “tourist attractions” and your city name to see what great locations and activities you can visit.

Skip Expensive Meals Out and Plan Ahead You already know the convenience of having a full kitchen in your unit. Take advantage of this amenity and get creative before you go by searching for new recipes online and creating your grocery list in advance. Many online recipe sites offer tips on how to shop for a week so you use and reuse items in the next days’ recipe for even more cost savings.

Free Activities at Timeshare Resorts
This year, before you go, call ahead to your resort and find out what complimentary activities are available for kids and adults such as arts and crafts, pool games, karaoke, free DVD’s etc… You can even ask them to recommend a great hiking trail, beach, lake or other free outdoor attraction.

Get the most of your timeshare this year and relax knowing you planned ahead, saved money and stayed within budget.

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Join In On Our Timeshare Discussion Forums

If you haven’t already done so, take the time to visit the Forums section of the web site and engage in conversations with other travelers and timeshare owners. You can start a new topic to hold open for discussion or add your comment to a post another member has created. We currently have eight forum topics you can take part in:
1) Forum Announcements: This is where shares its official news and announcements with our timeshare community. Come and see what’s new at RedWeek.
2) Buying, Selling and Renting Timeshares Forum: In this newly created forum you can discuss and share your tips on buying, renting, and selling timeshares.
3) Timeshare Exchanges Forum: In the Exchange forum, you can discuss how people exchange, their tips on doing it successfully and companies available for use.
4) Timeshare Point Systems Forum: This forum discusses aspects of the various point systems available in the timeshare industry.
5) Timeshare Companies Forum: If you want to talk about resort developers, management companies, vacation clubs, etc., you’ll want to use this forum.
6) Travel Tips and Advice Forum: This is a great place for a general discussion of travel topics like: where to eat and great things to see in certain towns, information about airlines and rental cars, as well as specific vacation destinations or timeshare listings people enjoy.
7) General Timeshare Discussion Forum: This forum is for all other topics not previously mentioned above.
8) Timeshare Resorts Forum: Each resort has its own discussion forum. Find a resort by searching or browsing and click its “view discussion forum” link.

Get involved in the forum community and share your knowledge and experience with others. Your friends are also welcome to post comments once they sign up as a guest. Let your voice be heard in the forums. Make friends, help others, answer questions and share with your fellow travel and timeshare neighbors. You’ll be glad you did.

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Find Timeshare and Travel Information Here

Welcome to the new blog. We’re looking forward to bringing you the latest information on the timeshare and travel industry. We’ll be offering you a wealth of information regarding the latest timeshare industry trends, news and important things you need to know as a timeshare owner or person who enjoys timeshare rental for vacation travel. was formed in 2002 with the goal of creating an online marketplace that connects travelers and the timeshare community. is both a timeshare exchange company and a marketplace for timeshare rentals and sales.

As a timeshare exchange company, and a partner company handle full-service exchanges, with a unique points-based system. In the timeshare rentals and sales marketplace, offers are posted by timeshare owners, resorts, and industry professionals and interested parties can contact them directly to arrange a transaction. Travelers can find deals otherwise unavailable and timeshare owners make the most out of their investment. also features detailed resort information, including ratings and reviews to make vacation selection easier. Users can sign up to be notified when new postings are available at the resorts, or post a RedWish vacation want ad to make a request for specific accommodations. Additionally, our users have access to our extensive timeshare Forums, which have over 1.7 million message views to date.

Sign up as a guest and start viewing over 4,000 luxury resorts to start planning your next vacation today.

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