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Timeshare Owners Vacation Memories Could Win $1,000 in Contest

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Chairman Jim Lewis wants you to know about the “Bring Your Vacation to Life” contest sponsored by Timeshare owners can enter their vacation photos with a story, or create their own video (3 minutes or less) showing how a timeshare vacation memory has enhanced their lives, family, health… View Article

How Do I Post a Timeshare Online for Rent or Sale?

You’re a timeshare owner and you have a unit to rent or sell, but, you don’t know how to get started. First, become a member at, the largest timeshare marketplace by creating an account for only $14.99. Our goal at is to be the timeshare owners’ advocate. Our site is a portal for… View Article

Our Members Save Thousands on Vacations with Timeshare Rentals

Most people when preparing for a vacation either call a travel agent or search online for deals themselves. Travel web sites like Travelocity and Expedia are often used to make room reservations, but, did you know you could save thousands of dollars renting a timeshare from, the largest timeshare marketplace? If this sounds too… View Article

Protect Yourself from Timeshare Scams and Resale Fraud

This week NBC news reported, through their affiliate in Rochester KTTC, that a local woman was swindled while trying to sell her timeshare at Christmas Mountain Village in the Wisconsin Dells. The 39-year-old woman searched the internet and found a company she thought would sell her timeshare. In typical fashion with timeshare scammers, the woman… View Article

Tips to Save Money When You Travel to Your Timeshare

It seems like now more than ever, saving money is of the utmost importance, and vacationing and travel is no exception. When you are making your travel plans to use your timeshare resort this year, wants to remind you that there are many ways to enjoy your vacation and still keep within your budget…. View Article

Join In On Our Timeshare Discussion Forums

If you haven’t already done so, take the time to visit the Forums section of the web site and engage in conversations with other travelers and timeshare owners. You can start a new topic to hold open for discussion or add your comment to a post another member has created. We currently have eight… View Article

Find Timeshare and Travel Information Here

Welcome to the new blog. We’re looking forward to bringing you the latest information on the timeshare and travel industry. We’ll be offering you a wealth of information regarding the latest timeshare industry trends, news and important things you need to know as a timeshare owner or person who enjoys timeshare rental for vacation… View Article