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Travel Safely in Mexico: 10 Tips to Plan your Trip

Getting ready for your vacation to Mexico? The best way to ensure your safety is to educate yourself, practice awareness, and exercise caution during your trip. To help put your mind at ease, we have outlined ten travel tips to stay safe while you enjoy your upcoming Mexico vacation!

Advantages of Traveling Solo

Solo travel can boost confidence levels and leave you feeling more well-rounded than before you left home. Here are 10 benefits of traveling alone that will inspire your next solo trip!

Best Thanksgiving Vacation Destinations

They say the best time to book Thanksgiving flights and rentals is 5-6 weeks before departure, and according to the national travel agency and automobile club, September and October are the “sweet spot” for booking Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. To help with your Thanksgiving planning, we have compiled a list of perfect destinations to take… View Article

What Makes Hawaii Such a Prime Vacation Destination?

Hawaii… just the word brings a sense of ease and relaxation as you visualize crystal blue oceans, swaying palm trees and a warm tropical breeze on your skin. One of the most common reasons people make the decision to purchase a timeshare is to have the promise of an idyllic Hawaiian vacation in their back… View Article

How to: Travel With Your Pet

Now that you have booked your beautiful timeshare vacation rental and purchased your plane tickets, you glance up from your phone to see your pup’s adoring eyes gazing up at you from behind your screen. That one step in the vacation planning process we all forget until the very end: What to do with your… View Article

10 Beautiful Fall Vacation Stays

Autumn is a great time to book a vacation for many reasons, a few of which include: lower travel prices, fewer crowds, and vibrant views as the trees change color. Here are some of our favorite timeshares for you to choose from this fall.

Timeshares — Not Just for Boomers Anymore

The demographic of new timeshare buyers has changed. While conventional wisdom may say timeshare owners / members are an older demographic, it isn’t entirely true. Though many boomers are still enjoying their timeshare, some are at the age where they may want to pass it on to family or put it on the market to… View Article