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Grand Solmar Debuts Blog Aimed at Combating Travel Scams

In a move to make vacationers more aware of travel scams, the Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Avoidance Group has introduced a new blog aimed specifically at teaching readers to avoid common travel scams. While RedWeek has tackled the steps needed to avoid timeshare rental scams, Grand Solmar zeroes in on scams vacationers are likely to face… View Article

Eight Fantastic Labor Day Getaways – Part Two

The Sausalito Art Festival is a Labor Day weekend tradition! Last week, we reviewed four of our favorite Labor Day vacation ideas packed with events and activities. As promised, we have another four ideas in store to ensure your summer goes out with a bang! Myrtle Beach – South Carolina Myrtle Beach’s ubiquitous sun, sand and surf… View Article

Eight Fantastic Labor Day Getaways – Part One

Fireworks over Lake Tahoe make for a gorgeous Labor Day Summer always seems to come and go so quickly – August is already in sight, with September not too far behind! If you’re looking to plan your Labor Day vacation, now is the time to get started. A traditional weekend for travel, Labor Day sets… View Article

Top 5 Things to Do in August

As the summer season ends you can still sneak in some late summer fun at one of these August events. If you are renting a timeshare in the area check out these events: 1. Chicago Lollapalooza (August 1-3): Did you know this event started out as a traveling farewell to the band Jane’s Addiction? Well… View Article

Achieve RedWeek Fame With Our First Ever Casting Call

How would you like be featured on the new RedWeek site and score some free photos in the process? The Great Vacation Casting Call is your chance! We’re looking for a few groups or couples who are vacationing to a US resort in the next few months to become a part of our program. Selected… View Article

Top 5 Amusement Parks

Adrenaline junkies will love to know about these amusement parks. Rent a nearby timeshare and take your family on a roller coaster hunt at one of these fun-filled adventure parks. 1. Cedar Point: Known as the roller coaster capital of the world Cedar Point (pictured) does not disappoint. If you are a roller coaster buff… View Article

The Best-Kept Secret On RedWeek

Are you in the market for a new timeshare? Before beginning your search, let us introduce you to perhaps the best-kept secret on RedWeek: The Bargain Resales section. While most timeshare resales can be considered a “bargain” in comparison to purchases from the developer, the prices on these resales range from $0 to $10, giving a… View Article

Top 5 Places to Fly a Kite

There are only a few things needed to fly a kite. A large open space with no obstructions, a steady wind, and your favorite kite. On your next timeshare rental take along a kite (or buy a kite in the area) and launch it from one of these kite perfect places: 1. Chrissy Field Center:… View Article

Ten Packing Tips to Streamline Your Vacation

Packing shouldn’t be a stressful endeavor but for many of us, it’s just that. Let’s face it… it’s hard to fight the urge to cram your entire closet and dozens of incidentals in a single suitcase. We know – we’ve been there! That’s why we’re bringing you ten tips that are sure to make the… View Article