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Re: Re: I Don't Think I Own a Timeshare???

[Q=michaelb2692] Way back in the 90’s I did attend a timeshare day where I went to culpepper va and went through their seminar, then I got in the money machine and grabbed some cash(fake cash of course) but I ended up putting half the cash towards purchasing a timeshare. But never went back or paid the remainder and moved several times after that, now within the last 3 yrs I’ve been getting letters and emails talking about if I want to sell my timeshare they can help, baffles me since it’s been so long since I did it.[/Q] Same for me but I was in Florida and went to seminar,so,where’s my timeshare?! Person has been calling for over 30 years! Insisting that I have timeshare! Gimme my timeshare or buy it,everything has a price! LOL