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[Q=richardk180] hi i have 5900 bg points of which 900 are saved, is there anything i can do to bank them with rci? and after i do how do i go about finding a good place to stay. thanks for all your help . we are new too this and want to get the most out of it.[/Q] ========== I guess my question is, Where do you want go? Have you looked over your Bluegreen book to see what you can get directly from your own resort group with NO EXCHANGE FEES? That is certainly your very best bet. If you do decide you want to travel somewhere not covered by BG you certainly can via RCI if that is your exchange company. In choosing a week to deposit, remember that your 900 saved points from last year can not be used on High Red, Leaf, or anything above normal Red season. I suppose your deposit would normally be from your home resort, so look over the points charts to see what you can afford. You will not necessarily get a Red for a Red or a 2 Bedroom for a 2 Bedroom when you exchange through RCI. The dates you WANT will determine the "color" but depositing Red gives you an edge. The size units RCI has on hand in the location you want will determine what you can get! Even though you deposit a 1 bedroom, only a Studio might be available. On the other hand, some resorts have nothing except 2 bedroom units so you could get 2 for 1! You say you are new with Bluegreen and I am wondering whether you bought a resale. Do you have the loose-leaf Bluegreen directory of resorts? If not, you can look them over on line at If you have problems getting in (password etc.) call Bluegreen for help: 1-800-456-CLUB. Since you do not seem to have a clear idea of where you want to go, seriously think about getting better acquainted with your own resort chain. Like Orlando? The Fountains is lovely. Midwest? Christmas Mountain in Wisconsin Dells if a favorite with my family. Ski buff? Mountain Run at Boyne, Michigan. There are many great options. MD