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Re: Bluegreen Points

I have three timeshares currently. I love two of them and not so crazy about one of them as it was the first one I bought many years age and didn't know as much what I wanted in one. Personally, I have found that we have vacationed more than we would have if we didn't own and the best investment of it all is for the enjoyment my husband & I and our family get out of our bluegreen It is hard for me to understand why anyone would want to sell theirs anyway. We plan on taking our original one and donating it to a good charity so as they might benefit from it ( also we may be able to get the tax advantage by doing so-I'll have to check on that one.) As for our two that are bluegreen.....we plan on leaving those to our son and daughter. We want to know that they may create some of the same memories that we've been able to!