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different maintainance fees

Everything is dependent on unit size, location, rentable, taxes, insurance, and reserves or monies used for upkeep of the properties. Not to mention if it is a yearly or every other year property. We have two with Hyatt, one in Key west and one in Sedona, ar. The one in Key west is every year, and Sedona is every other year. Sedona is much cheaper because we don't pay maintenance fees on a yearly basis, do pay a "members fee" on the odd year, with all the amenities of Hyatt(I.E. trading in and out, owners discounts with Hyatt) Everything is dependent on which the represented board of owners vote yearly on needs of the property you are looking at. Hope this helps. [Q=debbid12] anyone know why or what determines the fee paid annually? Note that some cost hundreds more than others. thanks[/Q]