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Need to relax - is the resort for me?

I don't know when you posted your question, so it may be long out of date. Buy anyway, NO, do not travel 3,000 miles to relax at the Highlands Inn. The resort is absolutely wonderful, and there are LOTS of things to do in the area (Carmel and the Big Sur). The restaurants at the resort (and elsewhere) are fabulous. But traveling 3,000 miles is tedious and the resort is expensive. You don't want to spend $500 per day or more to just lounge around. Highlands Inn has a nice exercise room but no spa. (I travel from Virginia to my timeshare at the Highlands Inn for a week and I make full use every minute of it!) I suggest you find an inexpensive, peaceful place within driving distance of your home. Problem is, a resort with a spa is usually pretty expensive. Perhaps a nearby spa, not affiliated with the resort, would work. - Ellen [Q=andreaf32] I'm in need of a vacation and am looking for a resort that I can go and relax and unwind from the rat race. I'm preparing to compete in 8 weeks in a Figure competition and will need a resort with all inclusive health facility. But, most imporantly, I need a resort that has an excellent spa and can provide a variety of spa services. Never tired the timeshare route and just need to know if it's a good idea to fly 3000 miles for some very needed R&R.... thanks![/Q]