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I Don't Think I Own a Timeshare???

[Q=catherinep189]...they ask if I want to reduce my dues or something like that...Some of them are saying they will be in my area on a certain date & want to meet with me....can’t help wondering what the heck do they know that I don’t. I wish I knew how to find out if there really is a timeshare that is being used in my name.[/Q] It's doubtful that someone is using a timeshare in your name. As mentioned above, it's possible that you signed up for some sort of sweepstakes or prize involving travel or timeshare and gave your personal info on the entry. As for "wondering what the heck do they know that [you] don’t", the answer is Probably not much. Many of these think that since you allegedly own a timeshare, you are not very knowledgeable, are probably desperate, and want to quickly relieve yourself of maintenance fees. As for them being in your area and wanting to meet with you, they send these messages out to many timeshare owners in your area because they are setting up some sort of meeting or seminar where they will give a lecture about the evils of owning a timeshare and how it will be darned near impossible to get rid of it. But they will provide you with a "solution" that will cost you "only" $4500, or so.