Looking to purchase timeshare.

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By Lorri P.

Looking to purchase timeshare.

I would love to hear from any timeshare owners at Coral Sands. What you like about the resort. My husband and I are thinking about purchasing a week. We have been to Cayman 9 times and love the island. We owned timeshare but Ivan took care of that. We are looking for a new "home" in Cayman. Thank you. Lorri Peterson

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12 years ago
Dec 15, 2006

By Vickie G.

Looking to purchase timeshare.

Hello - noticed your post - did you purchase at Coral Sands? I have family members that own at Coral Sands and I can put you in touch with them if you would like.

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9 years ago
May 12, 2010

By John S.

Looking to purchase timeshare.

Call the number or e-mail the address below on the Coral Sands website. They'll sell one week; take your money to avoid having a dark week, losing money.

Lots of folks do this. There really is no need to go through an owner as the agent(s) handling Coral Sands can fix ya up.

Coral Sands, like many other places are still experiencing some economic blow back from the US recession. Hurricane Ivan didn't help here, either. Lots of vacant commercial properties. It seems a slow recovery. But, the point? Call Coral Sands and cut a deal. They'll take your money for a week. They are very professional folks who do a great job from onsite to the reservation agents. Owned here for years.

Not sure, by your message, if you just want to visit one week, or buy into Coral Sands. Either way, contact the folks at the bottom of the link below, the Coral Sands website.

Good luck! - John Stanton


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7 years ago
Jan 26, 2012

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