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By Brandon L.


Is there wireless or plug-in internet in the rooms?

Avatar for Brandon L. Brandon L.

13 years ago
Dec 21, 2006

By Christine K.

Hi, The resort has wireless but if you are staying in one of the units facing the beach in building #1 then you will have a bit of a challenge getting the signal strongly. I usually end up taking my laptop out to the pool area and set up until my battery dies. It's fast once you are near the antenna signal which faces building #2 and the pool area. Hope this helps.

Avatar for Christine K. Christine K.

12 years ago
Jun 08, 2007

By Marvin B.

The internet has been upgraded since the previous post. We have the top unit in the building on the ocean and have no problem getting wireless anywhere inside or on the deck.

Avatar for Marvin B. Marvin B.

6 years ago
May 16, 2014

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