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By Gail Y.


What is the average temperature in Lake Tahoe during the month of May

Avatar for Gail Y. Gail Y.

11 years ago
Jan 12, 2007

By Carol P.

Is there enough snow for skiing by the end of November/? carol

Avatar for Carol P. Carol P.

10 years ago
Oct 02, 2008

By Gary D.

May weather can be nice, but cool with sunshine. But Sierra mountain weather being what it is, we've been there on Memorial Day weekend and had about 3" of snow, like just last year. Yes there is snow usually for skiing at the ski locations. We own both Spring and Fall timeshares and try to always lean towards summer as much as we can as we do not ski. Night time temps are always pretty cool in summer and with chances of freezing in early spring and late fall if you are out that late at night or early in the am.

Avatar for Gary D. Gary D.

6 years ago
Aug 15, 2012

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