What rooms are best? close to pools? ocean view?

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By Robert R.

What rooms are best? close to pools? ocean view?

this strand would best be directed toward someone who is very familiar with the layout of this seemingly large and sprawling resort. i have seen feedback from some who are disappointed with the location -- said couldn't see the ocean. are some rooms closer to the ocean than others? do some room #'s or unit #'s have appreciably better views than others? which rooms or buildings are closest to the pools? are some rooms considered closer to the construction i have read about than other rooms? my family will be visiting this upcoming summer and are supposed to be assigned room 518, i think? is this a good room, bad room? any good info would be appreciated.

Avatar for Robert R. Robert R.

13 years ago
Apr 04, 2007

By Leslie B.

We been 4 times but don't remember the room numbers we've stayed in. I am pretty sure that there is no #518. All room numbers are 4 digits, the first two indicating the building # and the second two are the unit within that building. There are a couple of buildings with excellent views but keep in mind that the ocean is a mile away so you'd be seeing it somewhat in the distance over the grounds. Having said that, the best ocean views units are a bit of a walk to the pools. If you have kids, you'll want to be closer to the main pools (water volleyball, ping-pong, life size chess) rather than the small pool.

Your best strategy is to call the resort directly and speak to a rep. They usually do their best to get you into an available unit that matches what you're looking for. Ask for a high floor. If you're an owner using your owner week, you will get top priority, especially if you've booked way in advance. Do your best not to get a unit with a highway view or parking lot view. And yes, the place is GIGANTIC.

You will need to drive for a bit for shopping/the beach/restaurants/entertainment but that's the Newport/LA area for you.

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13 years ago
Apr 07, 2007

By William M.

NCV is over a 1/2 mile from the water and the golf course trees are growing up to block most of the ocean views. Personally, I don't worry about that aspect.

IMO, based on experience, ask for a high floor in one of the 3 or 4 story buildings. Buildings are numbered 1000 through 3900 in the current development and I believe up to 5100 in the newer section under construction up the hill. I personally prefer the 2700 building, with the 3500 building running a close second. Some of the newer buildings are well-located with relation to the pool, like the 1800-2200 buildings, and are 3-4 stories and have good views.

A room designator will describe the building, then floor, then unit. For example, we have some pictures from unit 3543 posted in an ad here; that means building 3500, 4th floor, villa 3.

I would, on behalf of other unit owners, ask, if anyone has children, to please restrain them from running and jumping in the units, especially non-ground floor units, because the construction at NCV transmits this vibration and noise to units below. We've literally had the chandellier in our unit vibrating from the "thundering herds" above. It's not a pleasant way to spend a vacation.

Top floor unit generally equals peace and quiet, if that is what you want.

Enjoy your stay! NCV is a great resort...

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13 years ago
Apr 29, 2007

Message deleted.

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