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By Deborah D.

Club Casa Dorado

Is this property attached to the Hilton Hotel?

Avatar for Deborah D. Deborah D.

13 years ago
Apr 08, 2007

By Heather R.

deborahd46 wrote:
Is this property attached to the Hilton Hotel?
I believe it is I have been doing a lot of research about this property but I am still a little confused.

It is owned by the hilton...that I'm sure confusion is about what I'll be getting when I exchange my time share for this location. From different photos on various sites on the web...there are pictures of the Dreams Resort...Is it one in the same? Also of the Hilton resort...which is different all together. These different pics are very misleading and I want to be sure I am getting what I am looking at....nice pools with swim up bars etc.

Have you been there?

Avatar for Heather R. Heather R.

12 years ago
May 22, 2007

By Wade H.

I am not sure why they call this the "Hilton Los Cabos" as it is not connected to or affiliated with the Hilton. There is a Hilton close, but still a distance away. This place has a new name called Dreams Los Cabos, but also goes by Club Casa Dorada Spa & Golf Resort. I own three timeshares here and enjoy it tremendously. It is a very relaxing resort. Not a lot of night life, but fun to sit around the big fire pit or down at the beach and watch movies on the beach. They have several theme nights and the restaurants are pretty good too. The Best is Portofino, which is Italian. Then they have a seafood place and also a sushi bar. Plus some casual dining. The rooms are large and every room has a view of the Ocean. In fact, I am going back this October and then again in Feb 08 for a family reunion as I have relatives who also own timeshares here.

Avatar for Wade H. Wade H.

12 years ago
May 30, 2007

By D C.

deborahd46 wrote:
Is this property attached to the Hilton Hotel?

Club Casa Dorada Spa and Golf is attached to the Hilton. Club Casa Dorada Beach and Golf is now, as I understand it, Dreams Los Cabos and is a separate property.

Avatar for D C. D C.

12 years ago
Jun 15, 2007

By Junior M.

I agree with the last post. Casa Dorada SPA is within the Hilton Los Cabos Hotel. Casa Dorada Beach is a couple of miles down and is known as Dreams Los Cabos. What happens is that they are both part ot the Cabo Real Development project owned by the Questro Group.

This is something like a 3000 acre mega development site that includes various residential homesites and condos, golf courses, along with a slew of luxury hotels. That includes Las Ventanas, Casa Del Mar, Dreams Los Cabos, Melia Cabo Real and the Hilton Hotels. As part of the Hilton is one dedicated wing for timesharing. That wing and its timeshares are owned by this group but you as a guest get all the services of the Hotel.

As for the Hotel itself it's beautiful. We just stayed there a couple of weeks ago and loved it. It is quite and relaxing and just what we needed. It is a bit pricey but most certainly a 5 Star Triple Diamond and I believe you'll absolutely love it.

Now on the other hand if your younger and looking for a more happening place this may not be what your looking for. But then again you can go to Downtown Cabos and find all the excitement you may want or need. Hope this helps.


Avatar for Junior M. Junior M.

12 years ago
Jul 23, 2007

By Stuart G.

Club Casa Dorado spa & golf

Club casa dorado spa & golf is a timeshare that is attached as a wing of the hilton. It is a beautiful loction and property within easy driving distance of cabo san lucas (nightlight) and the quiter cabo san jose.

I was there last year and upgrading of the property was starting. Does anyone have any information on the status or completion of this activity?


Avatar for Stuart G. Stuart G.

12 years ago
Aug 17, 2007

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