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By Michael C.


Do any of these rooms have full kitchen with stove oven and refridgerator?

Avatar for Michael C. Michael C.

12 years ago
Jun 15, 2007

By Daniel C.

Michael, The 1+ bedroom have full kitchen. Not sure about the studios though.

Avatar for Daniel C. Daniel C.

11 years ago
Feb 23, 2008

By Margaret N.


michaelc424 wrote:
Do any of these rooms have full kitchen with stove oven and refridgerator?
They do not have ovens but they have microwaves. About a third of the frig is stocked with expensive items from the resort.

Avatar for Margaret N. Margaret N.

11 years ago
Apr 22, 2008

By Mary L.

There is a Costco and Wal-Mart within a short cab-ride of the hotel. I think it was $700 pesos (approx $7 ea way). Well worth the savings and I was able to cook in the room. I spent $300 for a family of 5 for 2 weeks and still left lots of food behind.

Remember to wash your veggies in bottled water, and the coffee maker doesn't get hot enough to kill the protozoas they have down there - so make sure you use bottled water there too. Hotel staff says the water is filtered ... but filtering water doesn't make it safe to drink. It's just not brown coming out of the tap!

The market at Villa del Palmar wasn't really that expensive, as you would expect -- and if you're a gold member you get 15% off all your purchases -- that helps.

If you want a wicked cheap timeshare, don't buy through them.

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9 years ago
Dec 18, 2009

By Pat M.

the water isn't filtered there it is desalenated sea water so it does NOT have the protozoans in it!food and water is safe for consumption and delicious. Go to the Crazy Lobster or Maro's Shrimp house or any of the many local restaurants! Do NOT hold up at the resort eating microwave mac & cheese! It will be a complete waste if you do!

Avatar for Pat M. Pat M.

7 years ago
Aug 27, 2012

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