Land in front of Polo Towers sold......again

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By Doug P.

Land in front of Polo Towers sold......again

Metro flag, who had owned the lot at the corner of Harmon and Lv. Blv. S. (Harley Davidson Cafe and Travel Lodge motel) and down the strip to Smith and Wollinski's (including the Hawaiian Marketplace) has sold that land to FX Luxury reality.

FX Luxury hold the rights to the Elvis estate and apparently operates Graceland. They're initial comments were that they plan to build an Elvis themed hotel/ casino developement on that land. I wouldn't hold my breath on this on. There have been plans to put a casino along that strip frontage ever since we first purchased at Polo Towers in 1998. My bet is in another couple of years that piece of property will be sold yet again.

Avatar for Doug P. Doug P.

12 years ago
Aug 01, 2007

By Steve P.

I hope something is done. The structures in place do not blend with the rest of the developing neighborhood but it sure does not seem large enough for a hotel/casino.

Avatar for Steve P. Steve P.

11 years ago
Nov 19, 2007

By Carl P.

so what would happen to the time share value of polo can any body tell me what they think or now thanks carl an owner

Avatar for Carl P. Carl P.

6 years ago
Oct 18, 2012

By Darrell M.

They will raise your maintenance fees.

Avatar for Darrell M. Darrell M.

5 years ago
Feb 17, 2014

By Annette J.

I was told Polo has rights to sky in front. Meaning a tall building cannot be built in front of Polo. Hopefully they buy POLD and I can get my deed bought! Anyone know more?

Avatar for Annette J. Annette J.

3 years ago
Sep 27, 2015

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