Maintenace Fees and Special Assessments

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By Shep A.

Maintenace Fees and Special Assessments

TimeSharing Today Magzine is compiling information about the trends in maintenance fees and special assessments. Owners at Divi Little Bay are asking to contribute to the major renovations that are taking place. Your thoughts on the subsject would be of interest. You can write to

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11 years ago
Nov 10, 2007

By Jeanne B.

Maintenace Fees and Special Assessments

What is the situation with Divi Little Bay and any special assessments for renovations? We are in the process of buying a timeshare there.

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10 years ago
Aug 26, 2008

By Susan U.

I need to know the yearly assesment and the cost ! Susanu40

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5 years ago
Mar 02, 2014

Message deleted.

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