is hotel nice?

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By Lisa M.

is hotel nice?

i was wondering if anyone stayed here

Avatar for Lisa M. Lisa M.

11 years ago
Jan 11, 2008

By Rose D.

Yes, I stayed there two years ago and it is nice and within walking distance to everything inclding the new shopping plaza, Smokey Joes, Dunkin Doughnuts, and much more!!!

Avatar for Rose D. Rose D.

10 years ago
Dec 18, 2008

By Deborah A.

I have been an owner of this timeshare since 1988. I have three weeks in a one bedroom unit (sleeps 5) in February. Resort is located on Palm Beach. Excellent location. I have never traded this timeshare. Do not think you would be disappointed.

Avatar for Deborah A. Deborah A.

10 years ago
Feb 16, 2009

By Maureen C.

I haved owned at this resort for about six years and would never exchange,the resort is in the best location in Aruba, you are in the middle of everything,so you do not have to rent a car unless to go sightseeing,as the bus to go downtown is right in front of hotel for a dollar and comes every half hour the resort is excellent right on beach,pool is very beautiful with Hot tub's .Now I wish I was there.maureenc33

Avatar for Maureen C. Maureen C.

9 years ago
Apr 22, 2009

By Harry J.

what great resort being going there for 10 years,wish i was there now. i go for 2 weeks in nov.

Avatar for Harry J. Harry J.

6 years ago
Jan 31, 2013

By Victoria B.

is hotel nice?

I Own a timeshare here - IT IS AMAZING! It's the best location, can't go wrong!

Avatar for Victoria B. Victoria B.

6 years ago
Feb 05, 2013

By Margaret A.

Does any one know when the new pool will be done.

Avatar for Margaret A. Margaret A.

4 years ago
Sep 04, 2014

By Olga M.

What three weeks In Feb do you have available?

Please advise

Thank you

Olga mcgowan

Avatar for Olga M. Olga M.

2 years ago
Apr 15, 2016

Message deleted.

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