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By Mark R.

Beach access

Does this property have access to beach at Mullet Bay and can one merely walk to it?Also what is the food and accomadations like?

Avatar for Mark R. Mark R.

11 years ago
Jul 23, 2008

By Henry K.

Yes it does, The beach is a short walk across the golf course. By far the nicest on the island. If you are coming to a resort for food, The Towers is not the place. They have a Bakery truck that arrives daily at 7am with "Hot" Fresh Bread, croissants, etc. and everything on the truck is 1.00. Quite the bargain. The cheeseburger special at the pool bar is decent & cheap by island standards (Burger & fries for about 5.00). But as far as food goes. Either you cook for yourself or have to go town to eat. Having visited the island since 1975, The Towers is one of the few resorts that has maintained the old "Island Charm". It's not an island "Hot Spot" it's an island "Retreat". Although the rooms are reasonably modern and comfortable, and the staff friendly and helpful, It's like the Resort that time forgot, unlike most of the other resorts, You don't come here for excitement. you come here for seclusion. This is not a "Family Resort" its a "Hideaway"

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10 years ago
Nov 22, 2008

By M K.

I'm looking forward to my vacation at The Towers in November, 2009 and have a question as to the beach. Are there lounges and tikki huts on the beach for our use and, if so, is there a daily charge for these? Are there toilet facilities at this beach?

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10 years ago
Jul 22, 2009

By Joel E.

there are lounge and umbrellas no huts both no charge.the toilet facilities are there but ugly. the towers are clean ,, peacefull but not luxurios.the staff very helpful and courteous.very enjoyable

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7 years ago
Dec 23, 2011

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