Restaurant Reviews - August 2008

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By Howard H.

Restaurant Reviews - August 2008

Here are our restaurant reviews from this trip (please post yours too)....

Gambero Rosso - Downtown: Very nice/romantic restaurant. Dine outside or inside. Beautifully decorated. Dining outside can be windy or balmy depending on your perception, but since it is on a pier, no bugs to bite you! Food was very good, nice portions. Great for lunch too.

Mr. Jazz - Palm Beach: Beautiful "Havana" supper club. Food was excellent. Service was slow. Best value on the menu is the short rib at $18.00, but it is one long, huge, bone. Most items are a-la-carte. The cuban dishes were great too. We at there twice, once in the restaurant, once as take-out. We never stayed up late enough, but they say the place is packed from 11pm to 4am when the Tapas menu comes out and the dancing comes alive!

Sushi-ya - Palm Beach: Great Sushi Place. I had read a lot of online reviews that all raved about the place. It really is that good! I heard lots of grumblings about other sushi places. Apparently, this is the value/quality place for sushi on the island. However, it was a long meal; about two hours. You can choose to sit on cushions on the outdoor deck or at outdoor tables. I was surprised at how small out bill was (I think it was about $35 per person).

Hadicurari Fishermans Hut - Palm Beach: We had a very nice lunch there and heard lots of good stuff from others in the pool. The food was really good. Try the cheesecake for dessert, one of the best I've ever had (Cheesecake Factory quality).

El Faro Blanco - Lighthouse: Still one of the best and most romantic restaurants on the island. The Gnocchi is still my favorite, as is the eggplant appetizer. Out of all the restaurants in Aruba, this is where I have seen folks "dress up" the most for dinner (but casual is OK too). It's still one of the best outdoor dining spots because of the breeze (but Gambero Rosso also has a nice breeze).

Texas De Brazil - Palm Beach: Continues to be a popular place. I still find the food to be WAY TOO SALTY, even the "salad bar" seemed loaded with salt. As someone who seeks healthy food, this is not the place to go. However, if lots of meat is what you want, this is probably your place.

Aroma d'Italia - Palm Beach: Mostly a "coffee shop" between Playa Linda and the Holiday Inn. I mention it because they have "sugar free" ice cream in some creative flavors. Kudos for offering something out of the mainstream!

Subway - Various Locations: Yup, you can eat a "healthy sandwich" in Aruba at a Subway. Don't look for a "footlong for $5.00" as it isn't here. Sandwiches are about $5.00 for a 6" or $10 for a 12" (not really a discount for buying a larger sandwich).

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12 years ago
Aug 21, 2008

By Jeanne B.

Restaurant Reviews - August 2008

Thank You for providing this restaurant review....Jeanne

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12 years ago
Oct 27, 2008

By James S.

Restaurant Reviews - August 2008

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11 years ago
Jul 04, 2009

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