Private gondola being replaced by shuttle bus

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By Rosemary W.

Private gondola being replaced by shuttle bus

I just returned from The Ridge where I attended the owners' coffee session. The gondola that was in between the clubhouse and Naegle buildings is being torn down and will be replaced by a Blugo shuttle bus that will run every 20 minutes. Apparently, the base of the gondola rests on ground owned by Heavenly and the ski resort wants to build condos/expand its facilities.

Avatar for Rosemary W. Rosemary W.

11 years ago
Nov 03, 2008

By Cat C.

It is a shame they are tearing down the Gondola. We have owned at the Ridge for many years and the gondola was something the kids always remembered and looked forward to. It was more than a means of transport, it was a ride! It was also a signature feature of "the Ridge" and very unique. Abus just isn't the same. They should work out a deal with Heavenly so it mutually benefits both corporations.

Avatar for Cat C. Cat C.

10 years ago
Jun 20, 2009

By Christine P.

Great news - The Ridge is installing a funicular lift in the location where the gondola used to be. They call it a "ski elevator" and it will transport people from the Ridge Tahoe buildings down to the Stagecoach Lodge. It is scheduled to open by Christmas 2011.

Avatar for Christine P. Christine P.

8 years ago
Oct 04, 2011

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