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By John "Jack" M.

1st Visit to Elysian Beach Resort

This is our first visit to the Elysian last October 08 and was very impressed with the facility. Our studio was large and had a spiral staircase to a second bedroom although there was a murphy bed on the ground floor. We had two belconies which overlooked the beautiful bay. The room had all the facilities we needed and we only ate out one meal a day due to the cooking facilities. A short walk down a hill led us to the huge swimming pool, two restaurants and beach where snorkel gear and boats were rented. The one restaurant is well known and we met the mayor of Red Hook there who arranged for us to have the best lobster dinners we have ever had in Red Hook. Later that evening the mayor was meeting the Govenor at the Ellysian Restaurant. Does that tell you something about the reputation and quality of the restaurant?

We rented a car, which I recommend to avoid expensive taxis, and drove to Red Hook and took a Ferry to St. John most of which is a national park and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world there. The staff arranged a discount snorkel trip for a day around the island and St. John and the snorkeling was wonderful. Another day we visited the famous Coral facility and watched the staff feed the rays and went under water in their tower. We wanted to snuba but didn't have the time. One of the last days the staff arranged a sunset cruise on a large sailboat. The food and drinks were great but unfortunately we had a little rain but it didn't dampen the group's enthusiasm.

I highly recommend readers to visit this American Paradise. You won't regret it.

Dr. Jack McInroy Denver, CO

Avatar for John "Jack" M. John "Jack" M.

11 years ago
Dec 27, 2008

By MaryAnn V.

1st Visit to Elysian Beach Resort

Sounds like you had a great time. We will be staying there in May 2009, I've read some reviews that were not so good which I think may have been written a year ago. Since your visit was so recent, can you tell us were the rooms clean, and the staff reasonable? Did you have any problems while there? I'm looking forward to going but those reviews concerned me. Thanks. MaryAnn v.

Avatar for MaryAnn V. MaryAnn V.

11 years ago
Jan 22, 2009

By Robin S.

1st Visit to Elysian Beach Resort

For the most part I think the reviews tend to be much too negative, and I hope that my review along with the doctor's above put it in better perspective.

I also had a studio loft unit and it is large, clean, well equipped and well located. My girls sleep on the murphy bed, my husband and are are upstairs and there are two full bathrooms in the studio lofts plus a HUGE upper deck to enjoy the views from along with the LR balcony.

I would not confuse the Elysian for the Ritz or Marriott's Frenchman's Reef in terms of furnishings and elegance in the rooms (although the beach at the Elysian is MUCH better than the Marriott as is the location). The furnishings at the Elysian could use an updating with new and more contemporary furniture, but the unit serves as a clean and well-located base for us to enjoy all the St. Thomas has to offer and is convenient to the ferries in Red Hook. I think that if you can stay in the lower buildings or obtain a studio loft unit, you'll be happy, and ask for a parlor unit to be included if you want a full kitchen, a studio loft if you want the two floors (a spiral staircase to the 2nd floor).

Just an FYI: the water pressure is weaker than most people are used to because of the cistern system, but that is typical for a number of island locations.

I've found the staff to be very helpful, but you are on "island time" when there, so do not expect them to work "in a NY minute" and always remember to start a conversation with "good morning/afternoon/evening" so as not to be considered rude.

The food in the restaurants is very good and very fairly priced, and the small bar poolside is convenient and the attendants friendly.

Finally, I really love the beach there as you can choose to be in direct sun, dappled sun or full shade based upon where you choose to put your lounge chair, so spending a day at the beach with my daughters means I can enjoy myself without getting too hot or sunburned (I've even fallen asleep in the lounge chair, something that has never happened to me anywhere else). I wouldn't confuse the beach for Sapphire or Magen's for example, but it is great for relaxing and a dip, plus their pool is very, very nice.

I cannot wait to go back this July!

Avatar for Robin S. Robin S.

11 years ago
Jan 29, 2009

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