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By Arielle P.

What is included

I'm sorry, I am new to this site. I realize the place is all inclusive, but does that mean there is an extra surcharge per person per day over the price of the timeshare rental? Also, is the price of the timeshare rental for the room or per person?

Avatar for Arielle P. Arielle P.

11 years ago
Dec 29, 2008

By Sandy H.

What is included

Yes there is an extra fee above and beyond the rental fee that is paid directly to the resort and it varies depending on the time of year.

Avatar for Sandy H. Sandy H.

11 years ago
Feb 08, 2009

By Meghan P.

Can anyone tell me what the current all-inclusive fees are? Thank You!

Avatar for Meghan P. Meghan P.

9 years ago
Feb 13, 2011

By Renee C.

How much per person for meals/drinks? Also, do 2 and 5 year old children need to pay?

Avatar for Renee C. Renee C.

5 years ago
Jul 16, 2015

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