Hawaii and selling timeshares

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By Lisa P.

Hawaii and selling timeshares

After reading some of the messages on the forum about Diamond Resorts having first right of refusal when selling a timeshare week, I decided to call them.

According to the person I talked to, it is a requirement in the state of Hawaii that any timeshare sale requires offering the current owner of the development first right of refusal. When an offer is made on the timeshare, a copy of the offer needs to be sent to the developer (in this case Diamond Resorts) via either email or fax and they can accept that offer, or if they decline, then the timeshare sale can be completed.

Anyone else have experience with this to share? Is this information correct?



Avatar for Lisa P. Lisa P.

10 years ago
Jul 18, 2009

By Walter I.

Owners be aware that Reed Week can't guarantee where the deed of the unit will be if it is a floating week.

Avatar for Walter I. Walter I.

10 years ago
Sep 10, 2009

By Robert H.

It isn't a law in Hawaii, it is part of the original deed. That right expires in a few years. After that, prices will be what the market will bear.

When I was shopping in a good market, the owner, then Sunterra, did buy them up when I got too good of a deal. Now, I don't expect that Diamond wants to own any more than they have now.

Avatar for Robert H. Robert H.

10 years ago
Nov 20, 2009

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