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By Russell F.


I was reading feedback on other websites about Villa Del Palmar and several of them said there was quite a bit of construction going on right now and that the walls are paper thin. (you can hear when the neighbors next door flush their toilet.) If anyone has stayed in the past couple of months how have you found the accomadations? Thanks, Amanda

Avatar for Russell F. Russell F.

10 years ago
Jul 19, 2009

By Mary L.

We stayed there in June 2009 and the pool was closed as well as a few levels in the suites. We saw the updated rooms (Really, really nice).

There was a sister resort that was completely open for our use, including the hospitality suite, just a short (< 5 min.) walk or free shuttle ride that had a much larger pool and a buccaneer ship in the pool which was very cool for the kids. The sister resort was much nicer and in fact, we spent most of our time there.


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9 years ago
Dec 18, 2009

By Pat M.

we stayed in 2011 and the pool was open, never really noticed noise from other rooms

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7 years ago
Aug 27, 2012

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