Starwood Westin Kierland Explorer pkg

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By lichael

Starwood Westin Kierland Explorer pkg

Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone here may be able to direct me to the right person to talk to. If nothing else maybe our experience will warn someone else from making the same mistake.

I will try to make the background brief. We purchased a resale at the Westin Kierland, went to visit and had a nice stay. One day we did the sales presentation. We said no thank you but were asked to come back the next day for a "special offer". :hysterical: We were partying by the pool that whole day (we should have known better but were on vacation and weren't going anywhere). :whoopie: We listened to the "special offer", which was an explorer package. Apparently, we mixed the package details up. No surprise, we shouldn't even have been there. :confused:

Well, we have no problem paying for or using the package. We just want to go somewhere: 1. That is different (that is one reason for why we do timeshares) and 2. where there is actually something for sale in case we do decide we want to purchase more. (not very likely at this point) Sounds logical doesn't it?

Well we can not get anyone to call us back... a manager that is. We have called at least 8 times and get the same crap over and over... "you signed a contract for Kierland, that is where you have to go" "you can't make a reservation until September" I don't know about anyone else but I like to shop for the best airfares as far out as possible. This time frame is very short in airline land.

So far this has been a real nightmare of an experience. I can't imagine why we would possibly ever want to buy anything else from Starwood.

We own with Marriott as well as Starwood at this point and I will have to say that Marriott hands down, unequivalibly, no comparison, treat us much better and are much easier to work with.

Now if I am missing something or am not talking to the right people I am all for admitting a mistake or will contact that person.

So, if anyone has any advise I am open to it! :cheer:

Avatar for lichael lichael

8 years ago
Aug 19, 2009

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