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By Emelda L.

Premier Exchange Program

We just attended the sales presentation at SB. We are interested in purchasing at the resort. Has anyone used the premier exchange program with success? Sales promised that we could request unlimited additional weeks from $149-$249. Has anyone had success with their requests? We are considering purchasing through the resale market.

Avatar for Emelda L. Emelda L.

10 years ago
Oct 03, 2009

By Susan H.

Premier Exchange Program at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

WE bought at Sunset Beach and wish we hadn't. Hope you ran from this. Too many lies and misrepresentations. We bought the premier package, and a week in a 1 BR and noticed discrepancies within the first week after purchasing. My inclination is to say DOUBT first. They are a tricky sales staff who will say just about anything to make a sale. "It's an investment" (not) " you can rent out your unit and turn a profit in the first 4-5 years" (not) "An associate can sell your exisiting RCI timeshare for 13K to offset your balance on PB" (not). So I'd tend to distrust anything you were told about the Premier weeks. Buy or Rent on the secondary market. You know better than to be scammed like me.

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9 years ago
Jan 27, 2010

Message deleted.

By Ruth M.

Premier Exchange Program

go to for 14.95 for the year and immediately check out the same offer you get from timeshare 100,000 penthouse in Florida was selling on this site for $3000.....

Avatar for Ruth M. Ruth M.

7 years ago
Jan 23, 2012

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