car rentals in St. Martin

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By Louis F.

car rentals in St. Martin

does anyone have a good car rental sevice? tired of Budget & the like, they are expensive and the service does not justify the fees.

Avatar for Louis F. Louis F.

9 years ago
Oct 19, 2009

By Estella T W.

I have been visiting St Maarten since 1981 and have tried just about all of the rental car Companies on the Dutch Side. There are several bad experiences i've encounters, however I continue to try different companies. The most recent company I'm using is Thrifty/Dollar not far from the airport. Thrifty/Dollar has reasdonable prices, friendly professional customer service, and newer dependable cars. good luck!

Avatar for Estella T W. Estella T W.

9 years ago
Jan 16, 2010

By Guilda T.

Be careful I got bunrt last year, they quoted a price in dollars and when I got charged in euros, after I got home to see my charge card!!!! nothing could be done

Avatar for Guilda T. Guilda T.

9 years ago
May 23, 2010

By Jack J.

We always use Leisure Car Rental, and never had a problem

Avatar for Jack J. Jack J.

8 years ago
Aug 29, 2011

By Toya J.

car rentals in St. Martin

The best place is rent a wreck. They have a location in the airport that will take you to there place to sign and pick up the car. It took me a total of 10 min to get my car and go. The best part about them is you do not have to put that typical 800 deposit to rent a car. The deposit is equal to your rental fee.

Avatar for Toya J. Toya J.

6 years ago
Nov 07, 2012

By Merry L.

car rentals in St. Martin

When I was in Miami for business purpose I need a rental car and I had rented from a rental agency. There luxury rental car prices were regular, but great customer services. Must confirm from here, may be suitable for you.

Avatar for Merry L. Merry L.

4 years ago
Aug 18, 2015

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