Ferienclub Eichenhof

Anything but Eichenhof in Zell am See?

Feb 10, 2010

I invested a week in Eichenhof on resale market last year. At the end of the year I almost started to Austria so as to enjoy ourselves in Ferienclub Eichenhof at Zell am See. Two days before the journey I called the agency by phone to make sure oru winter holiday there. An employer of the Hungarian All Seasons Travel LTD informed me that the hotel is closed, time is almost up. Therefore they recommended us an other place to stay there in the following week instead of Zell am See. What else we could have done? We eccepted it and drove by car to Wolfgangsee at about 100 km close to the place. During the week we visited the hotel, than we called the hotel manager by phone so as to know a bit more about the circumstances, because we saw that the saffs were working at the hotel, although the restaurant was closed even it was a pre-season period in december. So the manager told us the next: A licquidator works on it by the declaration of the Astrian (or Salzburger) Court to solve the prompt situation as the company is fallen. It may take just a few weeks and really time is up. So there is no week, no money. We swhould have got the letter about it. Now she only can say that everybody must wait for the end of the procedure, and we will see. As I know there are about 130 more contracts and unhappy members,probably families who are in the same situation. Could anyone tell me, how I can get any real, exact information about the present days in Eichenhof Zell am See.

Sandor C.

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