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By Marty F Team

Resort Page Update


RedWeek is working on updating this resort page and would greatly appreciate any feedback from owners and/or visitors. Is all the information correct including photos? Is there anything else we can add that would be helpful for those visiting this resort?

Thank you all for your input in helping to best represent Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas - Jambo House resort page on RedWeek!


Avatar for Marty F Marty F Team

8 years ago
Nov 09, 2010

By Kembreya P.


Can you get timeshare for two bedrooms?

Avatar for Kembreya P. Kembreya P.

6 years ago
Aug 11, 2013

By Abraham F.

Resort Page Update

Love to see some of the points required for resale real estate. (i.e. 140 pts.= 2 br/2 ba w/ kitchen..)

Avatar for Abraham F. Abraham F.

5 years ago
Nov 08, 2013

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